JMA Wireless Delivers DAS Connectivity to New York’s First “Living Building”

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JMA Wireless is enabling its globally renowned DAS driven robust cellular communications in New York City’s Renaissance Midtown Hotel, which is known as the first “living building”.

Located in New York’s fashion district, the hotel offers interactive hallways and a rooftop deck that changes visually every hour on the hour. To accompany this unique experience, JMA Wireless in conjunction with systems integration partner, Cell Signal Solutions, deployed its Teko DAS (distributed antenna system) to ensure robust mobile communications throughout the 40 story structure.

“We were ecstatic when Cell Signal Solutions selected our Teko DAS platform to enable mobile communications at the high profile Renaissance Midtown Hotel,” stated Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President of Product and Market Strategy at JMA Wireless. “This unique venue deserves the ultimate in mobile communications and our Teko DAS provides just that.”

To deliver robust wireless coverage throughout the 40 story hotel only three 20 watt Remote Units (RU) were deployed. This number of RUs is less than a third of those required by competitive solutions.

The Teko DAS platform delivered further cost efficiencies by using 25 percent to 50 percent less optical fiber than similar solutions in the market. Furthermore, Cell Signal Solutions selected the modular Teko DAS for its slim and unobtrusive profile, which fits in easily with the hotel’s chic decor.

The architectural design of the Master Unit allowed it to fit compactly into only a half rack, which was easily secured to a wall in a small head-end room in the hotel. The entire wireless system was deployed in less than two hours.

“Based on this project I do not think Cell Signal Solutions needs to consider other DAS equipment manufacturers going forward,” declared Dan Hoffman, President of Cell Signal Solutions. “The commissioning process was so simple. JMA Wireless’ customer service was exceptional. Plus the total cost of ownership is much better than competitive offerings.”