ipoque Presents Pace 2.0 to meet Next Gen QoE demands of VoLTE and Video


Germany based ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, and a global provider of network traffic management and analysis solutions, has announced its next generation PACE 2.0 software that identifies thousands of applications and services and provides deeper insight on application attributes such as real-time performance metrics, all from a single solution.

PACE 2.0 addresses the growing need to manage the vast number of applications in all-IP mobile networks. Ever-increasing download speeds, file sharing and the growing adoption of high quality online video are leading to a surge in global IP traffic, making it essential to manage the Quality of Experience (QoE) for subscribers.

Network equipment and security vendors can integrate PACE 2.0 software to enhance their products with full visibility into mobile applications and IP network traffic. ipoque’s PACE 2.0 is a software library using different technologies such as deep packet inspection, behavioral, heuristic and statistical analysis to reliably detect network protocols and applications and extract metadata in real-time.

Applications to Layer 7 (e.g. Skype, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) are accurately identified as well as services such as voice and video and calculation of key performance indicators for deeper insight.

Key Features and Benefits

PACE 2.0 is an all-in-one protocol and application classification engine also capable of advanced metadata extraction. This integrated solution makes it more efficient for customers to get deeper application insight for troubleshooting, security or subscriber analytics purposes. The granularity of detail is 100% configurable providing a completely scalable solution. Advanced accuracy of application detection with clear separation of protocols, applications and services, including a packet processing toolkit. Fully optimized to work with leading third-party acceleration solutions from vendors such as Napatech and Intel.

Dirk Czepluch, ipoque President and CTO commented “ipoque is focusing on key telecom industry challenges including the management of quality of experience for voice and video services on modern LTE mobile networks. This not only requires the fast application detection that PACE 2.0 provides, but also extensive metadata extraction and measurement in real-time of key performance indicators. This level of performance is particularly critical for the traffic steering of time-sensitive VoLTE & video apps, for deeper analytics to monetize new services and to assure services based on improved application monitoring and troubleshooting.“