Huawei Named Founding member of Global Cybersecurity Forum

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Huawei has been named as a founding member of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE).

The Forum brings together a range of private companies, intergovernmental organisations and governments for the first time to work towards ensuring a “free, open and secure cyberspace”.

Huawei is also set to showcase its latest innovations as part of its participation at CommunicAsia 2015 happening in Singapore during 2 – 5 June.

“Huawei supports the GFCE’s mission of collaboration to ensure that as societies become increasingly digitised and interconnected, we work together to find ways to minimise the disruptive threat of cyber-criminality,” said John Suffolk, Huawei’s group chief security officer, adding: “We have long advocated for global standards in the area of cyber security. GFCE is, we believe, a key step in the right direction towards that ultimate goal.”

The GFCE aims to become a pragmatic, action-oriented and flexible forum to meet the challenges of cyber-integrity. The Forum will be consistent with international laws, the Charter of the United Nations and other internationally-recognised conventions. Core to the Forum’s work will be the sharing of experience, expertise and best practice, initially in four key areas: cyber security; cybercrime, data protection, and e-governance.

“Huawei joining the GFCE is an excellent example of private companies working alongside governments and intergovernmental organisations in the GFCE to build cyber capacity around the world,” according to Bert Koenders, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

“While the growing digital economy worldwide creates significantly more value than the cyber-criminals can ever take away, we do recognise that addressing the issue and ensuring that people and business can full confidence in digital technology. This required a collective response and that is why we are delighted, and as the only Chinese-headquartered participant, to be named a founding member, said Suffolk.