How to gamble safely online

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Enjoy hitting the slots and table games? With thousands of games available, most of which are now available at online casinos for players’ convenience, it’s no wonder many people consider online gambling a fun activity to engage in.

Yet it’s extremely important that players remain in control at all times. And given that the UK Gambling Commission runs Safer Gambling Week in November, we collaborated with the team at to bring you some pointers on how to be more mindful of your play.

For example, we look at how self-assessment is a crucial step in playing safely. There are many questions you can ask yourself such as:

Has playing ever had a negative impact on your life?

Have you ever lost track of time or money while you play?

Have you ever played with money you later wished you hadn’t spent?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s important to engage in a close assessment of your gaming habits. To help you out, we provide a few pointers in our infographic below . . .