Evolution to 5G: Elisa brings 5G readiness to its mobile network in Tampere


Elisa will begin building a 5G-ready network covering the entire city of Tampere and its near-lying areas. Fifth generation networks and services are being developed around the world, with Finland among the pioneering countries developing 5G technology.

Elisa was the first operator in Finland to test the new technology, already a year ago. From the very beginning, the new network will supply the region with faster and more reliable network connections.

Elisa is modernising its mobile network in the Tampere region through the implementation of 5G readiness. The devices in the current base stations will be replaced with the latest technology. The network’s construction will start up in September and be completed by February next year.

Over the next six months, we will build a network with the most up-to-date technology in the Tampere area, paving the way for 5G readiness. Readiness means that it will be easy to add the features required by 5G services such as several-fold higher data speeds, shorter latency and functionalities required by the Internet of Things, explains Elisa’s Vice President, Mobile Network Services Sami Komulainen.

Last year, Elisa was the first Finnish operator to test technology linked to the adoption of the 5G network of the future. Tampere is the first city in Finland where the cutting-edge network will be carried out on this scale.

Thanks to the testing and Tampere project, we are among the world’s leading developers of 5G technology. These networks and services based on them are being feverishly developed all over the world, Komulainen adds.

From the very start, the modernisation of the mobile network will bring immediate benefits to the region’s residents: the modernised network will provide its users with faster and more reliable network connections that will make digital services smoother to use, such as content sharing, video streaming and video conferencing.

Foundation for a smart city

Modernised network will serve as a platform for smart services which Elisa is developing as a participant of Smart Tampere vitality program.

We are thrilled that Elisa is involved in establishing a new type of ecosystem for Tampere through the Smart Tampere program. In future, the project will bring Tampere residents improved digital services, for example, care services produced at home, services linked to guidance and traffic, and services linked to the real-time adjustment of energy production, says Tero Blomqvist, Program Director for Smart Tampere.

A further boost to the development of the Tampere region’s digital services results from a cooperation agreement concluded by Elisa and Huawei in summer. The agreement involves Huawei making available some of the most up-to-date smart city solutions and innovations to both Elisa and the Tampere region, including solutions linked to smart lighting and traffic, and smart city bikes.

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