Ericsson, Telus drive 5G standalone network in Canada

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Marking a major milestone in Canada’s evolution to 5G, Ericsson has partnered with Telus to launch and optimize its 5G standalone (5G SA) network from coast-to-coast. Leveraging Ericsson’s 5G Core technologies, delivered through the cloud-native Ericsson dual-mode 5G Core solution, the 5G SA network enables TELUS to bring customers the most advanced 5G services with functionalities like ultra-low latency and even faster speeds.

Ericsson’s technology is built to support 5G – designed to scale for the future and support a massive number of connected devices.

“It’s a big moment for both TELUS and Ericsson as we celebrate the enhancement of their standalone 5G network across Canada,” said Jeanette Irekvist, President, Ericsson Canada. “Working in true collaboration with our partners at TELUS, we’re excited to fuel Canadian connectivity and innovation with this next generation of 5G technology.”

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A 5G SA network offers reduced latency, improved efficiency, optimized spectrum utilization and enhanced reliability. This technology will not only transform how Canadians use their connected devices, but also open the door to a wider array of applications for consumers, IoT applications, enterprises and public safety. Its capabilities also pave the way for innovations like connected cars, cloud gaming and virtual and augmented reality.

One of the features of 5G SA is its ability to support network slicing. This will enable TELUS and its customers to allocate different parts of the network for specific use cases and empower Canadian businesses to harness the potential of cutting-edge 5G technologies.

“This network is purpose-built to power the 5G ecosystem,” said Jerome Birot, Vice-president of Platform Technology & Services, TELUS Networks. “Our new standalone network provides never-before-seen speeds and low latency to enable the next generation of 5G edge computing and IoT technologies for entire industries and organizations. From autonomous vehicles to enhanced public safety and healthcare technologies, the TELUS 5G standalone network will provide the underlying connectivity to supercharge Canadian innovation and we are looking forward to ongoing collaboration with Ericsson technologies.”

Ericsson Canada has played a vital role in the country’s innovation ecosystem for more than 70 years, including supporting communications service providers through every generation of mobile communication. Ericsson Canada is also a partner in the national ecosystem network aimed at fostering 5G adoption and collaboration in Canada.