Ericsson, MTS to deploy LTE/5G-ready network for EVRAZ

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As part of the contract supporting EVRAZ’s digital transformation program at the Sheregeshskaya mine in south-central Russia, Ericsson and Mobile TeleSystems PJSC (MTS) will deploy a commercial LTE/5G-ready private network built on the Ericsson Dedicated Networks solution.

The Sheregeshskaya mine is a pilot area for the digital transformation begun by EVRAZ in 2020, where modern digital technologies are being introduced to increase industrial safety, boost equipment efficiency, and improve production. Set to be integrated with the mine’s existing communication network and IT infrastructure, the wireless dedicated network provided by Ericsson and MTS will be the first stage in the transformation program.

The solution — which will include a system for voice radio communications, video broadcasting, emergency notifications, dispatching, positioning, and autonomous control of mining equipment — will feature carrier-grade Ericsson Enterprise Core and Ericsson Radio System Micro nodes, providing the level of connectivity needed to enable smart capabilities for the next generation of mining.

The network will lay the foundation for a seamless upgrade to 5G in the future without requiring significant changes in its architecture. This will ensure fast migration to 5G without interruption.