Ericsson to focus on innovative telecom solutions at MWC 2015


As part of its showcase at Mobile World Congress 2015, global telecoms major, Ericsson is set to demonstrate innovative hardware, software and services solutions  at Hall 2, Stand 2N60 at MWC 2015.

Ericsson will be focusing around, 5G, LTE, Cloud, IP, network virtualization, big data analytics, OSS/BSS and TV and media technology. These solutions are designed to enable change-makers in the Networked Society and advance digital experiences ahead.

Ericsson will demonstrate a wide array of the world-leading technologies and solutions that enable the Networked Society – where everything that can benefit from being connected will be connected – at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from March 2 to March 5.

The company’s experts will be at hand to demonstrate a broad range of innovative hardware, software and services solutions that are designed to enable change-makers in areas such as mobility, broadband and the cloud, creating the foundation for new eco-systems, and transformation across industries.

These are some of the highlights that can be experienced in Ericsson’s stand (2N60, Hall 2) at Mobile World Congress 2015:

•5G Radio Test Bed: The Ericsson 5G Radio test bed will demonstrate the world’s first Dual Connectivity, enabling mobile devices to be simultaneously connected to 5G and LTE. Dual Connectivity is a crucial milestone on the road to 5G, which will be an evolution of today’s LTE technology and is expected in commercial networks starting in 2020.
•Capillary networks: Ericsson will show how to manage large-scale IoT networks and make it possible to handle low latency control loops using the mobile network.
•A large portion of the devices in future 5G systems will be unattended machine devices, and the management paradigm needs to be changed from one-to-one to one-to-many.
•Automated machine operations calls for processing close to the devices. A flexible computing platform includes resources across the mobile network in an efficient way.
•Remote control over mobile network: In collaboration with Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE), Ericsson Research will demonstrate remote control of two excavators over mobile networks in real-time. Two Volvo CE compact excavators fitted with the prototype technology show full implementation of the 5G concept introduced at Mobile World Congress last year. This joint research project highlights what’s needed from future 5G networks, the transformative power of ICT and what we can achieve with state-of-the-art technology.


•Ericsson Radio System: A highlight on the show floor will be the new Ericsson Radio System, a revolutionary, design-forward, modular mobile network solution designed to improve app coverage for mobile device users in the face of an 8X growth in smartphone traffic between 2014 and 2020, by which time 90 % of the world’s population over six years old is predicted to have a mobile phone. The Ericsson Radio System puts operators on the road to 5G by delivering industry-leading performance – on Ericsson’s Many-Core Baseband Architecture – while drastically reducing energy requirements, site space, and install time.
•Ericsson’s LTE performance leadership: Live demonstrations of the company’s unique:
•Psi coverage, designed to cost-effectively connect the next 3+ billion mobile broadband users.

•Single baseband TDD-FDD Carrier Aggregation provides industry-leading performance, delivered by the world’s first software-only, backward-compatible baseband upgrade; enables operators to add TDD coverage and capacity to their networks with a simple software upgrade; available in Networks Software 15B.

•License Assisted Access (LAA), a 4.5 G technology, enhancing indoor app coverage for smartphone users through the combination of licensed and unlicensed spectrum bands.

•Smartphone and tablet interoperability demonstrations with the latest products from the world’s leading device makers.

Managed Services

•Network Operations and Service Centers (NOCs and SOCs): Ericsson will be demonstrating how it uses network operations centers (NOCs) to manage networks on behalf of operators around the world. NOCs keep track of technology measures such as radio access network availability, packet loss rate and session activation time, but they are rather less effective at monitoring the quality of services such as voice, web browsing and video streaming. This year, for the first time, Ericsson will also demonstrate how it monitors service quality using service operations centers.


•Operation Support Process as a Service: The portfolio of tools and processes that Ericsson uses whenever it is contracted to manage an operator’s network is now available to operators as a service. Operation Support Process as a Service helps to decrease total cost of ownership and reduces the need for customer investments by enabling OSS\BSS tools to be offered as services.
•Billing-as-a-Service: Experience Ericsson’s unique combination of billing and telecoms expertise, which includes: out-of-the-box rate plans, flexibility, billing, loyalty rewards and business intelligence.

TV & Media

•Pay TV at Web Speed: Our revolutionary cloud-based next generation pay TV platform, powering the most agile TV experiences on the planet.

•Ericsson’s Media Delivery Network, An all-software solution for delivering both managed and unmanaged content across fixed and mobile networks has now evolved into a powerful platform to help convert that demand into new, media-centric business opportunities. The new solution use the latest cloud and virtualization techniques to act as an agile business enabler framework, combining technologies for greater network efficiency, better QoE, and value-added services.

Cloud & IP

•New IP routers: Demonstration of the new Ericsson Router 6000 series that couples radio and IP transport, tightly integrated with the Ericsson Radio System and Ericsson Network Manager, and providing high-capacity and integrated SDN functionality. Also demonstrating the new Ericsson virtual router for Network Function Virtualization infrastructure.
•Ericsson Cloud System: A full stack solution to handle all workloads across multiple industries, providing a platform on the road to 5G. Demonstrating a ‘real-time’ Cloud Execution Environment for NFV’s, based on OpenStack, virtualized network functions, policy driven PaaS for hybrid cloud, data integrity in a cloud environment, data center hardware and a cloud transformation strategy including planning and execution.
•Wi-Fi calling: Demonstrating voice and video calling over Wi-Fi, using native support in smartphones and seamless interworking with Voice over LTE.
Industry & Society
•Knowledge management for industry and society: Ericsson will be demonstrating ‘Knowledge management for industry and society’, using intelligent transport as the example. Experience how freight train transportation use cases can be handled by automation and knowledge management.
•Maritime ICT Cloud: A managed cloud solution that connects vessels at sea with shore-based parties to facilitate services used to manage fleets, monitor engines and fuel consumption, oversee routes and navigation, and ensure the wellbeing of the crew.

Expert analytics

•Better analytics for an improved customer experience: Operators are turning to big data insights to improve customer experience. But too often, analytics solutions have a narrow focus, are not integrated into real operations, customer care or marketing processes, or miss useful experience insights because they lack the proper rules to interpret complex telecom events. Ericsson will present a game-changing big data analytics solution, with powerful analysis, insights, and closed-loop actions unmatched by other offerings.