Elisa investing in 4G, 5G – 3G to be Phased Out by 2023

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Elisa is investing more and more in newer network technologies. 5G and 4G respond better to the user needs of today and the future.

The use of 3G networks by Elisa customers is already very limited, and will further decrease. After 2023, the frequencies used by the 3G network will be freed up for use by the 4G network.

In the vast majority of cases, the change will not require a change of telephones or other devices. The rare cases where a change will be required include old hunting cameras and tablets that are more than 10 years old, which only work on a 3G network. Some corporate customer systems, such as some payment terminals, also use the 3G network.

Elisa is keen to support sustainable development and is actively transitioning to newer, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions in network technologies. This goal is strongly supported by the change that is now taking place.

Use of 3G technology already very minor, freed capacity to be used by newer network technologies

Elisa has decided to focus primarily on the development, expansion and increase in capacity of its 4G and 5G networks.

“We are world leaders in the use of mobile data, and data volumes are just continuing to grow. It is clear that we need to transfer capacity to modern networks to meet the needs of our customers. The importance of 5G will only increase through this change,” says Elisa Vice President of Network Services Sami Rajamäki.

After 2023, customers who have a telephone, for example, that supports 3G will automatically be transferred to the 2G network. Use of the 2G network continues as before.

Many devices ageing before the end of the transitional period

As devices age, they may need to be replaced before the end of the long transitional period.

“We want to ensure that customers who only have 3G devices have enough time to prepare for the change. We anticipate that due to the long transition, after 2023 only a very small proportion of our customers will have devices that only support the 3G network, since the lifespan of many devices will end in any case in a few years’ time, before the change”, says Elisa Vice President of Corporate Customer Connectivity Services Jorma Niemelä.

Niemelä points out that for corporate customers, the discontinuation of the 3G network over the course of the transitional period will not have significant effects on devices using the 3G network, such as payment terminals.

“Services and solutions that use newer mobile technologies always provide higher quality and better functionality for the customer, so the transition from 3G to 4G and 5G solutions is positive in all respects.”