China Mobile, CAS-VISION, and Huawei Showcase 5G MEC+Cultural Tourism Project

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China Mobile, CAS-VISION and Huawei have unveiled the industry’s first commercial 5G MEC+cultural tourism project based on Huawei’s Kunpeng computing platform at Beijing Expo 2019.

The project, Wonderland of Mountains and Rivers, fully utilizes 5G’s high bandwidth and low latency leveraging Kunpeng’s advanced performance and its real-time collaboration with sensors to realize a combination of lighting effects, gardening, and virtual scenes in real time.

Wonderland of Mountains and Rivers is an original CAS-VISION brand. It integrates a range of technologies including virtual vision, man-machine interaction, new media, mobile Internet, AR, all integrated with AI. It uses visual and interactive technologies to deliver a new landscape and tourism model designed to integrate technology and culture. This promotes future urban development that encompasses both culture and technology, and creates an innovative new form of content delivery for the public.

The Wonderland of Mountains and Rivers project covers two deployment phases. In the first phase, 5G MEC technology is used to implement local traffic distribution. Huawei servers are deployed in China Mobile edge equipment rooms to ensure smooth HD video playback and app-centric connectivity that enhances the user experience.

The MEC platform integrates human-machine interaction applications to showcase scenic landscapes and culture using modern technology. Real-time data transfer and wireless deployments replace wired and local content distribution to speed time to deployment and cost for the scenic center and node networks, as well as ensure the security and reliability of data.

In the second phase of the project, apps were successfully verified to run on the Kunpeng computing platform on Huawei servers. The servers use built-in switching modules to simplify deployment and improve integration without deploying TOR or EOR switches and use the Huawei-developed kernel and architecture to compile and launch applications quickly. The test also verified that apps can run on both x86 and ARM-based servers. Huawei has become the industry’s first vendor to run heterogeneous computing applications in the edge-computing field.

China Mobile will continue to explore the innovative demonstration and practical application of 5G and MEC technologies in cultural tourism. This commercial project demonstrates the positive and innovative work of China Mobile, CAS-VISION, and Huawei in the exploration of 5G network construction. The three parties will continue to drive performance, simplified O&M, ecosystems, mature commercial use, and sustainable evolution, to deliver the ultimate service experience and enable diverse new edge business.