AT&T Brings 5G+ to U.S. Airports

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The effects of COVID-19 left a huge impact on the travel industry with a heavy decline in national and international travel among Americans. Although things have slowed down, AT&T is working behind the scenes to enhance customer travel experiences with the widespread deployment of 5G+ in airports across the country.

The multi-year effort will cover major gate and concession spaces at select U.S. airports, where travelers and airport employees have the greatest need when accessing mobile applications and entertainment with a 5G+ capable device.

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Last month, AT&T launched 5G+ at TPA, providing coverage from the moment passengers with a current unlimited plan turn on their capable phones at the airplane boarding gates, to the moment they leave the airport.

“This is a tremendous enhancement for our passengers and guests and we’re thrilled to be able to roll this out just in time for Super Bowl LV,” said Marcus Session, TPA’s VP of Information Technology Services. “With the future increase of airport traffic, it is important that our wireless networks are enhanced to support the connected traveler. Having this kind of connectivity will help improve the passenger experience and create a positive impression for everyone who uses it.”

How Can Travelers Benefit from 5G+ in Airports

A stronger network means no more worrying about hit-or-miss Wi-Fi connections in airports. Travelers can stay connected to the people they love, be more productive working or stay entertained watching their favorite movies or shows. Customers with a capable device and qualifying plan will be able to download an entire season of Friends or Sesame Street on HBO Max before a flight to stay entertained throughout their journey.

Our investment has enabled AT&T to have the Fastest Nationwide 5G Network and with 5G+ coverage coming to participating U.S airports, AT&T will deliver greater connectivity for travelers in the U.S. and help provide a more enjoyable, seamless travel experience. In addition, fast and reliable connectivity in airports can also help improve operational efficiency for airlines, other tenants and airport operations.

“We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with technology that will enhance their day-to-day lives,” said Jay Cary, VP – 5G Product & Innovation Postpaid Wireless Products. “As Americans gain confidence traveling again, we’re proud to bring AT&T 5G+ to its first airport, with more to come nationwide. Providing our 5G+ network in airports across the country will help enhance experiences of streaming and downloading movies and games, securely access demanding business applications, and help with logistics such as in-airport navigation, checking flight updates and more.”

AT&T 5G+ – It’s Not Complicated

Access to our 5G+ network is now easier than ever because it comes included in our postpaid unlimited plans at no extra cost to you. And those customers with AT&T Unlimited Elite get the added benefit of HBO Max included on us. 5G+ is included in our postpaid business unlimited plans too.

AT&T’s 5G+ airport investment is another example of our commitment to dedicate time and resources to improve our network for customers and communities across the country.