Africa’s Paratus Group Taps Radwin to Boost Wireless Connectivity for SMEs


RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, has announced that the Paratus Group, a pan-African Telecom operator, deployed the revolutionary JET DUO PtMP dual-band solution in Zambia to boost wireless connectivity for SMEs and large corporations.

JET DUO incorporates 3GHz and 5GHz radios in a single unit, delivering unparalleled capacity of up to 1.5Gbps. A long-standing RADWIN customer, Paratus has connected over 800 business customers using RADWIN’s solutions. Carmel Telecom CY, RADWIN’s certified partner, was in charge of project design and delivery through its local Zambian distributor Beacon Telecom.

Paratus Country Manager Marius van Vuuren commented: “Over time, our legacy 3.xGHz WiMAX network became heavily congested. Having used RADWIN JET and knowing the benefits, it made business sense to migrate WiMAX customers to JET DUO dual-band radio, so we could boost our network capacity and coverage.”

Van Vuuren says switching over to JET DUO allows Paratus to realise significant benefits. “We can now support different customer types, from SMEs to large corporations, on the same sector using a single base station unit, so we can grow our business without having to double up on hardware and power costs.”

“We serve SME customers on the 5.xGHz and use the 3.xGHz band to provide SLA services to large corporates. Tower rentals have become more affordable since we mount only one base station. By moving everything to RADWIN JET, we now have one management platform for all base stations and subscriber units deployed across Zambia, ensuring better management, monitoring and support for our customers,” he explained.

Beacon Telecom CTO Helit Bauberg added: “We have been working closely with Paratus Zambia for the past 9 years and recommended JET DUO for this deployment from the get-go, knowing it will give Paratus the most flexible, cost effective solution they need to optimise their services and operations. With the JET DUO they are able to serve different customers whilst best leveraging the use of licensed and license-free bands.”

Peter Turvey, GM Middle East, South & East Africa, RADWIN: “We’re excited to work with Beacon Telecom to serve a forward-thinking operator such as Paratus and scale with them over the years as their network needs evolve. We’re continuously injecting innovation into our product portfolio, and JET DUO addresses service providers’ challenges and their need to boost capacity while reducing CAPEX and OPEX.”