5G in US | Nokia, SAC Wireless train 5G crews with military veterans program

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Nokia subsidiary, SAC Wireless LLC, offers world-class training centers around the country through its Warriors 4 Wireless recruitment and training program, offering men and women veterans extensive, safety-focused training

As mobile operators in the U.S. begin to deploy 5G technology, there is a rapidly growing need for skilled, fully trained cell tower crews. While Nokia is working with operators to put the network infrastructure in place, its subsidiary, SAC Wireless, is laying the groundwork by recruiting and training military veterans for tower climber jobs.

With world-class training centers around the country, SAC Wireless offers veterans extensive, safety-focused training. SAC Wireless also outfits its 5G tower crews with the newest, state-of-the-art equipment available.

Once their training is complete, military veterans re-enter the workforce with a cutting-edge skillset which will be used to deploy 5G, the next generation wireless technology that will transform not only how we communicate but how we live, work and play.

While job growth and opportunity in 5G is exploding, military veterans proportionally remain the highest unemployed segment of population in the U.S.

Cari Shyiak, CEO, SAC Wireless, said: “Service men and women are eager to use the skills they learned in the military, and the rollout of 5G is an ideal opportunity to bring them into the telecom workforce. SAC is working hard to bridge the gap between the demand for qualified, trained technicians and the expected upsurge in demand as 5G networks are being deployed in the U.S. Our training centers offer specific tower climbing experience that supplements their experience, providing veterans a refreshed and productive career opportunity after their military service ends.”

Ricky Corker, President of Customer Operations for the Americas, Nokia, said: “5G is an agent of change and growth for many industries and people. Mobile operators need skilled, job-ready workers to climb cell towers and assemble and construct the equipment on top of these towers. These workers are key to the industry and once trained through SAC Wireless, they are immediately deployable for the 5G tower construction industry.”