5G-EVE: gathering momentum for 5G ecosystem in Europe


Efforts to drive an end-to-end 5G ecosystem in Europe saw almost 30 partners gather at Ericsson Spain’s facilities in Madrid for the first plenary meeting of the 5G-EVE program.

5G-EVE (5G European Validation platform for Extensive trials) is the 5G European testing validation platform launched in July 2018 aimed at implementing and testing advanced 5G infrastructures in Europe.

5G-EVE will develop and interconnect four existing European sites – in Greece, Spain, France and Italy – to create a unique 5G end-to-end facility. The sites are complemented by advanced labs, such as the Ericsson lab in Kista, Sweden.

The program currently has twenty-eight partners from seven countries, including four of the main European operators, and six vertical companies. Ericsson Spain hosted the first plenary from February 4-6.

One of the main objectives of the Madrid meeting was to plan and coordinate the deployment of 5G technologies in the four laboratories so that use cases spanning six industrial sectors (Industry 4.0, Tourism, Transport, Smart Cities, Utilities and Media) can start validation tests from May 1.

The 5G-EVE platform in Spain is developed within the framework of 5TONIC, an open research and innovation Lab for 5G technologies co-founded by Telefónica and IMDEA Networks Institute. Ericsson has been a member since 2015.

Luisa Muñoz, Head of Ericsson R&D Center Spain, says: “Ericsson’s alliance with Telefónica, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and IMDEA Networks through 5TONIC, with the stimulus of the European 5G-EVE project, will help consolidate the Madrid-based 5G lab as a European landmark and increase the number of vertical collaborators within the 5G innovation ecosystem.”