How Viet Fiber is Weaving Innovation in Fiber Optics from Vietnam


Viet Fiber established its manufacturing unit in Vietnam in the year 2014. It is a member of B&C Fiber Technology Group. The company is coming out with innovative fiber optics products from Vietnam and catering to its global customer base.

It has its factory located in Long Hau Industrial Zone, Long Hau commune, Can Giuoc district, Long An province, about an half-hour travel from HCM City center.


Catering to its global customers, this is the 3rd factory of B&C group, focusing in the manufacturing of fiber optics cables and accessories.

On the sidelines of ICT COMM Vietnam 2016, in Hanoi, Bekir Aydinoglu, Director, Viet Fiber speaks with Zia Askari from about the key priorities for the organization and how it is moving ahead.

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What are some of the key priorities that you as an organization have today?

Our key priorities are towards manufacturing the best in class quality for fiber optics industry products. We have the ability to provide a wide array of fiber optic patch cords, pigtails, adapters, connectors.

Our Long Hau Factory in Vietnam is built on 25,000 square feet area, with 13 production lines (6 pigtail production lines, 5 patchcord production lines, 1 adapter production line, 1 cable cutting team), which can provide more than 25,000 finished products per day at highest level of quality.

Keeping in mind our capabilities to drive innovation, our primary mission is to contribute to the growth of the industry, with the commitment to provide high quality products, to serve the high requirements of contemporary information society.


How do you look at the emerging opportunities in countries such as India?

India is a very big market, there is huge potential in this market and things are getting better and better now. And it is surely among the top three markets in the world when it comes to fiber optics. We do have an office in India and we are always looking forward to having great business opportunities from India.

What are some of the key trends happening in the fiber optics space today?

Fiber optics segment is creating huge difference in today’s world of communications. It is being used in many ways where high speed connectivity is required – such as enabling smart city surveillance solutions, enabling communication between two buildings, enabling communications in high speed trains / railways.

The biggest customers for fiber optics continues to be the telcos. Whether it is 3G rollout or 4G implementation – today most of the telecom operators are focused around providing maximum capacity to their customers – and this is where fiber optics is making a big impact.

Can you share details about your customers today?

We are among the top ten fiber optics focused companies in the world. We are the official supplier for AT&T, Vodafone global is a customer for us, we are also a supplier for Tata, Turkish Telecom. In the Vietnamese market, we work with all the three telecom operators.

With more than 8 years of manufacturing experience, using the latest technologies in production, and quality control, our products meet the highest standards of the world market. and this is the reason why our products have been chosen by some of the largest Internet/Telecom Service Providers.

So what kind of opportunities do you see in the coming years?

The fiber optics industry is a very niche and focused industry. As we look at future opportunities – it is all about meeting the customer requirements when it comes to delivering high speed connectivity. The opportunities for this industry are huge, because whenever a customer looks for better understanding of the network and enable better connectivity – fiber plays a very important role.

What are some of the innovations that are coming from your organization?

We are a manufacturing oriented organization and we have factories in various locations and we understand the market, not just as a manufacturing focused organization but we are also enabling growth as a distributor.

So, we bring this innovative approach and are quite unique in this way of manufacturing the products, also distributing these products and reaching out to our customers directly. This has become a key advantage for our company.

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