Monday, June 24, 2019
Telia Company Investing into contextualized location data provider – Unacast

Telia Company Investing into contextualized location data provider – Unacast


Telia is investing in Unacast, a contextualized location data provider. As part of the investment, the two companies will establish an innovation partnership to bring advanced data services to customers across the Nordics & Baltics.

In just three years, Norwegian based startup Unacast has emerged as one of the world’s leading providers of transparent, contextualized location data. Unacast is on a mission to understand human activity in the real world, empowering companies across a wide range of industries to better understand how people move, act and behave while maintaining and protecting user privacy.

Last year, Telia launched Crowd Insights – a service which helps customers make data driven improvements, such as public transport providers wanting to improve bus routes, and major event organisers wanting to understand where people travel from to join events, helping them to improve transport connections and even venue choices. Crowd Insights uses aggregated and anonymized mobile network data to provide insights about crowd movements.

Through the partnership, Telia can combine Unacast’s insights into the connections between people and places with our insights into outdoor behaviour. For retailers this can mean smarter store locations and layout, more relevant advertising and even tailored opening hours, and for cities it can lead to improved city planning such as walking streets, bike lanes, placement of toilets, parks, lighting and other services.

The partnership means that the two companies commit resources to co-innovate on new ways of using data and data insights.

“I am excited about the potential this partnership creates. Unacast have received multiple accolades for the great things they have achieved in a very short space of time,” says Brendan Ives, Head of Division X, Telia Company. “But equally as important to us is partnering with a passionate, world-class team who share our values around transparency and consent. By combining the experience, expertise and capabilities of our teams we will be able to deliver richer more relevant services to our enterprise and public sector clients.”

“As Unacast expands into new verticals and new geographies, we wanted a strong industry partner and investor that represents a vital piece of the location puzzle – connectivity and cell tower location data,” says Thomas Walle, CEO of Unacast, We chose Telia as they are at the forefront when it comes to building location products focused on crowd movement patterns, and because we saw an immediate fit with Unacast’s product suite and with Unacast culture. The potential in this groundbreaking location partnership is truly immense and we look forward to unleashing that potential in the years to come.”

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