Spurring Innovation: Canada’s ITAC Brings Innovative Companies to India


By Zia Askari | TelecomDrive.com

With an aim to ignite the innovation fabric within India and Canada’s entrepreneur communities – Information Technology Association of Canada has taken a set of innovative organizations working in a number of technology segments – on a special mission to India.

As part of this mission – companies focusing on smart cities solutions, telecom software, enterprise mobility, enterprise security, etc have come to India looking for the right partners and developing synergies to be able to generate better growth prospects in togetherness.

Emphasizing the importance of nurturing innovation, the Honourable Navdeep Singh Bains Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Government of Canada is leading this initiative from the front and is an integral part of this mission.

The mission is led by Alexandra MacEachern, Vice President, Policy ITAC, which is a national IT association of Canada. ITAC Mission to India – November 6th to 10th 2016 is assisted by InCa Synergies.  Commenting on this innovative program Raj Narula, Founder and CEO, InCa Synergies, said,”There are a lot of commonalities between India and Canada. We are bringing some of the best and most innovative companies from Canada to India. The idea is to find common ground for achieving long term growth and spur innovation,” he explained.

As India is one of the fastest growing markets around the world – such initiatives by Canada hold immense potential in terms of deriving the best synergies in technology and innovation development for both the countries.

Here is a list of companies that have come in as part of this delegation.


Better U / Skills Dox

The company provides access to all levels of education from around the world into India helping equalize education for all.

The goal of this organisation is to establish partnerships with industry leaders so that it can develop their training materials used to train new employees and make this material available online to all of India to help skill up their future workforce from different parts of the country.


This organization is focused towards connecting service stakeholders involved in staff/client relocation. The company is looking forward to meet with companies in India – that relocate a large amount of staff or clients and need software tool to enhance their relocation.

Additionally, the organization is also looking for resellers, to develop commercial opportunities, develop channel partnerships, explore opportunities for joint project and explore licensing agreements.

T-Max Soft

The company provides mainframe modernization software solution through its OpenFrame rehosting solutions. T-Max Soft is focused towards delivering ‘Legacy Modernization Software’ and the company is looking forward to developing relationships with large SI , ISV & VAR in India.


This organization provides user authentication solutions for all online transactions. The company provides hardware, software and services for user authentication as well.





Netsweeper helps ISPs and Telcos increase ARPU by offering VAS to their subscribers at low costs. The company also helps Telcos/ISPs with regards to maintaining regulatory compliance requirements.

Netsweeper is looking forward to meet Telcos, ISPs, System Integrators and industry associations in India.

Graphite Software

Graphite software focuses around the space of mobile virtualization and solves enterprise and consumer privacy problems on Android and enables new user experiences to be provided on Android devices.

The company is looking forward to meet with carriers, device OEMs, content providers and resellers to develop commercial opportunities/explore opportunities for joint projects.


SOTI solutions provide the tools and services enterprises need to enable their connected workforce as well as optimize and connect mobile and IoT enterprise ecosystems.

As part of this delegation – SOTI is looking forward to:

      Develop channel partnerships (VARs, ISV’s)

      Develop partnerships with systems integrators

      Explore opportunities for joint projects

      Meet with potential customers (any organization whose employees rely on mobile devices to do their work; SOTI is particularly interested in organizations in retail, transportation, logistics, field services, manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare/homecare)

      Meet with new device manufacturers with extensive market share in India

      Meet with carriers

NWES   Northern Entertainment

This innovative organisation makes video games and also provides back-end technical solutions and production support for games, apps, and/or next generation video game technology.

As part of this delegation from Canada – this company is looking forward to meet with companies which are interested in game development, game education (curriculum development), animation studios, design firms, and companies looking for enhanced design with new gaming technology – Virtual Reality gaming / Mixed Reality Gaming with PS VR, HoloLens, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, as well as Windows 10 devices.


The company focuses on Orchestrated Collaboration Platform. In modern always connected and always on the move world, there is an overwhelming feed of information and many tools of engagement. Busy professionals, executives and clients need to take important decisions and judgements while multi-tasking and on the move.

The company is focusing towards working with System Integrators , Wireless Service Providers and VARs in India.


TIERONE is an innovative organization – that is enabling technologies for communication service providers (CSPs) to better manage the full range of services offered to their enterprise customers.

TierOne’s focus is in the areas Service Fulfillment and Service Assurance, where we see technology gaps in competing vendor products that try to manage the business-to-business (B2B) space.

IMEX Systems

The company helps governments to deliver citizen services efficiently and cost effectively through multiple channels to enhance citizen satisfaction with the government. Imex helps governments to achieve digital transformation and become smart digital governments. Imex helps manage cities efficiently to become smart cities that are safe and provide higher quality of life to their residents.