Singapore’s Wilson Electronics Unveils WilsonPro 5100-4G repeater at CommunicAsia 2017


Wilson Electronics LLC, the provider of enterprise cellular
connectivity, has announced at CommunicAsia 2017 the availability of the WilsonPro 5100- 4G.

The passive pico repeater 5100-4G is now SIRIM approved in Malaysia and is Wilson Electronics’ most powerful multi-band or wideband repeater covering bands one, three, seven
and eight and is designed specifically for the Asia-Pacific region.

“Wilson Electronics’ powerful passive cellular repeater solutions give businesses the benefits of strong indoor cellular signal without high cost or lengthy implementation as compared to a
single/multi operator active DAS system,” said Jeff Gudewicz, VP of Product Development for Wilson. “The WilsonPro 5100-4G is a carrier agnostic solution that supports a wide range of
network frequencies and devices, making it a unique in-building cellular coverage solution for small to medium-sized spaces”.

The 5100-4G amplifies weak cell signals to provide reliable voice and data coverage, including LTE in any large space such as offices, factories, warehouses and even underground car parks.

Wilson Electronics’ 5100-4G is a high performance wide-band [or multi-band] pico repeater which supports bands one, three, seven and eight, including the 2600MHz LTE band widely
used in Asia.

The plug-and-play design of the 5100-4G allows you to install and set up the amplifier and antennas quickly in any in-building spaces of up to 25,000 square feet or equivalent to 2300
square meters. The self-optimizing design makes it quick and easy to install. The 5100-4G works across multiple cellular networks, simultaneously boosting multiple carrier signals at the same time.

The 5100-4G features eXtended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology and will never overpower and shut down, no matter how strong the outside cellular signals are.

Like all Wilson Electronics’ range of weBoost and WilsonPro cellular signal repeaters, the 5100- 4G features cell site protections that detect and prevent any cell tower interference.

Wilson Electronics repeaters also come with class-leading warranty protection for three years.

“The WilsonPro 5100-4G is a great new product boosting up to 32x for stronger voice and data signals,” said Gudewicz.

The WilsonPro 5100-4G is now available for order through regional distributor StreamCast Asia.

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