São Paulo Municipality Selects ZTE to drive implementation of smart classrooms


The São Paulo Municipality and ZTE have signed an agreement for the implementation of the entire structure of two smart classrooms in public schools in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Mayor of São Paulo João Dória Jr and Zhao Xianming, CEO of ZTE Corporation signed the agreement during the São Paulo Municipality group visit to ZTE Headquarters in Shenzhen China last week.

Daniel Annenberg, Secretary of Innovation and Technology and Julio Serson, Secretary of International Relations from the São Paulo Municipality , Fu Yu, the CEO of ZTE Brazil, Chen Xi, Vice-President of ZTE Brazil, and Fábio Fernandes, Business Director of ZTE Brasil were also present at the signature ceremony.

According to the agreement, ZTE will install the whole smart classroom equipment and maintain the services of the two smart classrooms. The Departments of Education and Technology and Innovation São Paulo Municipality will direct the smart classroom business to ensure the most modern teaching experience for the schools until the end of 2020.

A full set of smart projectors, cameras, sensors, microphones, audio and video systems, servers and document viewers will be equipped in each smart classroom. These features will make teaching more dynamic, interactive and innovative.

With this smart setup, teachers will have their own disposal electronic whiteboards, recording classes, direct scanning of contents from books and papers, cameras that recognize students’ behaviors. The contents the teachers display in the smart classrooms will easily be shared with other smart classrooms equipped with projectors and audio systems. The smart class could also be shared with computers connected to the Internet.

At the signing ceremony, Xiao Ming, General Manager of ZTE’s Marketing Division V, said: “We are very happy to provide the smart education experience for teachers and students by ZTE smart classrooms across the schools in São Paulo. This is a good beginning. The partnership with São Paulo greatly encourages ZTE to devote more to the eduction in Brazil and beyond.”

“ZTE is one of the largest communications companies in the world and has businesses in 160 countries and regions globally, including Brazil. This agreement will develop the smart education area in the City of São Paulo,” said Doria, Mayor of Sao Paulo. “We also hope that we can cooperate with ZTE in the more aspects like smart medical and transportation services in the future.”

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