Samsung Gear S3 Review – The Smartwatch Wonder!


Samsung Gear S3 Review |

Samsung Gear S3 is priced at INR 28,500

This smartwatch is water- and dust-resistant

When it comes to India’s smartwatch segment – things are getting hot as more and more brands are now targeting this market with their offerings and customers are moving away from wearing traditional watches and accepting the new age – all purpose smartwatches.

Samsung has recently launched its latest smartwatch – the Gear S3. Its innovative battery, coupled with excellent user interface makes it a wonder smartwatch in the market today.

Samsung Gear S3 – Superb Design

When it comes to design – Gear S3 has all the elements to make it an elegant gadget on the hands of customers who look for a pinch of panache in their daily life.

While reviewing this smartwatch, we wore it various combinations and its extraordinary watchfaces makes it even more special and it can go with any attire and make you look good. We really like the circular display on the Samsung Gear S3, and it definitely looks better than the rectangular screen on the Apple Watch.

The Samsung Gear S3 has retained the rotating bezel of its predecessor. You can twist the bezel to scroll through a list of apps, read text and yes, to answer or reject a voice call. We found this feature to be quite useful, rather than using a touchscreen on a smartwatch.

The Samsung Gear S3 comes with two buttons, one serves as a home and back button, while the other button helps on selecting applications.

The bezel and buttons of this smartwatch are all done in metal which provides it great look and feel as well. The base of this smartwatch is made of plastic and the strap is leather. This smartwatch has been designed very well and delivers extraordinary experience to the users.

Samsung Gear S3 comes with GPS and Wi-Fi compatibility. It automatically counts your steps and detects exercise. This smartwatch feels aptly suited for everyday use – as well as a perfect fit for fitness enthusiasts.

Samsung Gear S3 – Performance Powerhouse

While reviewing this smartwatch, we found the Gear S3’s step tracking to be reasonably accurate over the course of about 10 days when we walked roughly 4,000 steps per day.

The Samsung Gear S3 runs Tizen, which means that it does not have the wide range of apps available for watchOS and Android Wear. Most of the “apps” at the top of the popularity chart are watchfaces.

The watch can pair with both Android and iOS phones. It is important to note that one can also answer calls via the Gear S3 and this functionality works quite flawlessly well.


Amazing Battery Life

This smartwatch comes with an innovative battery management mechanism. Unlike many other smartwatches in the market, which consume more power while being put on – Gear S3 consumes minimum power and hence, the battery life on the Gear S3 is quite impressive.

We managed to use it for well over three days on a single charge. The charging dock is also elegant, and charges the smartwatch quite quickly. The magnetic charger makes it quite easy to place the watch and initiate charging.

Final Verdict

Samsung Gear S3 is a pretty impressive smartwatch. Priced at INR 28,500 and featuring water and dust resistance, the Gear S3 is quite an innovative offering available in the market today. Delivering great looks and fitness tracking makes it a very special offering.

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