Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy S7: What’s The Difference?


The South Korean handset maker, Samsung recently launched its next big thing called Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and we could not be more in awe of the device. Galaxy Note 7 seems to have taken everything good from last few flagship devices from the brand and manages to be a device that grabs attention like anything.

However, since Galaxy Note 7 is eerily similar looking to Galaxy S7, users who are looking for an upgrade are in a fix. This is also because the specifications of the new device is also almost identical to the existing flagship Samsung mobile. Therefore, users who are on Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge or Galaxy Note 5 are in quandary as to which smartphone to get. Here we are compiling all things that are different in both handsets to make it easier for existing Samsung flagship users as well others who are contemplating one out of these two.

Iris Scanner

Samsung was the first handset maker in Android realm to offer fingerprint scanner on its flagship device, Galaxy S5. From the swipe based scanner, Samsung moved on to touch based on Samsung Galaxy S6, which made it even more secured and advanced.

Galaxy S7 comes with the same signature physical home button on the front panel of the handset that makes it a secure device to operate. It also features on the front panel of Galaxy Note 7 as well. However, one additional security measure sets Galaxy Note 7 aside.

There is a dedicated Iris Scanner sensor on the top of the front panel, which actually scans either of your eye to unlock the handset. It is quite snappy, brings an edge to the handset and also is much more secure than fingerprint scanner.


Dual Curved Display

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a smaller 5.1-inch display on its front panel, which is your regular run of the mill display offering a resolution of Quad-HD viz. 1440 x 2560 pixels.

The Galaxy Note 7 also comes with similar display panel viz. Super AMOLED and is slightly bigger than the Galaxy S7. However, what sets Galaxy Note 7 apart from S7 is the dual curved display like the one found on the S7 Edge.

This does not only look good aesthetically owing to no bezels but also offers handy features to its users. Galaxy Note 7 really has an upper hand here, when it comes to the display.


Since Galaxy Note 7 is a phablet device, it is bound to be bulkier than the Galaxy S7 and it actually is massive with that 5.7-inch display on its front. However, Galaxy S7 fails to take advantage of the smaller footprint since it weighs as much as Galaxy Note 7 does.

This can be chalked up to the fact that the battery under the rear panel is beefier this time around and adds to the weight. Therefore, weight-wise both smartphones are almost identical despite Note 7 being larger handset. If you prefer smaller but long lasting smartphone Galaxy S7 it is and if you want a large device with decent battery life, Galaxy Note 7 is the way to go.

Samsung Touchwiz

Since the last few flagship updates, South Korean handset maker has taken care of the biggest grudge every Samsung user had, which is the laggy Touchwiz UI. Since Samsung Galaxy S6, the handset maker has improved Touchwiz UI with lot less bloatware so that the performance is quite smooth.

This time around too, both Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 come with the same improved Touchwiz UI. However, Galaxy Note 7 has a feather up its sleeve with dedicated features optimised for curved display and S-Pen Stylus. These features include quick translations, creating gifs and writing on Always-on Display to take notes etc. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 wins hands down in this department as stylus oriented features are too interesting to give a miss.


This time around, Galaxy Note 7 comes with the biggest battery so far to feature on a Note device, which is a 3500 mAh unit. On the other hand, Galaxy S7 also has improved 3000 mAh battery, which is an improvement over Galaxy S6. However, where Galaxy S7 only has to power a 5.1-inch display, Galaxy Note 7 needs more juice to illuminate the massive 5.7-inch Quad HD display. Therefore, the battery consumption on these handsets are almost equal.

Both Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7 are stellar handsets in their own league and do not eat into each others space. It all depends on the preference and the usage pattern of the user whether they want a simpler and compact device or a massive feature rich phablet.

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