How Samsung DeX is Expanding the Smart Mobile Experience


Samsung leverages its long history of innovation to empower peoples’ lives by providing cutting edge products and services.

During in-depth research and discussions with its customers, feedback showed that many users wanted to be able to seamlessly extend their mobile experience onto a larger screen. And hence, Samsung DeX was born.

Samsung DeX provides a desktop-like experience using your Samsung smartphone, allowing for more productive multi-tasking, complete with a familiar interface – anywhere, anytime, without extra layers of complexity.

Although first conceptualized in 2014, Samsung DeX was released in 2017 because both the hardware and software capabilities reached the point necessary to develop the service we envisioned.

Samsung DeX was developed to provide users the most mobile desktop-like experience on a larger display with simple and intuitive UX, and to provide opportunity for developers to become part of a collaborative, open ecosystem.

This open ecosystem approach enables developers to create Android 7.0 Nougat-supported apps that can take advantage of advanced features, such as window resizing, when connected to an external display.

Samsung DeX supports FHD resolution, empowering users to browse the web in multiple windows, play games and watch movies on any larger HDMI-compatible display, such as monitors, TVs, all while simultaneously charging their smartphone.

Samsung DeX Provides a Galaxy of Options

As smartphones become more ubiquitous in our lives, Samsung DeX’s wide range of mobile apps and web services will prove invaluable for anyone seeking to expand their mobile experience beyond the handheld device, as it supports almost all apps and web services that are available on mobile device.

Samsung DeX seamlessly takes what’s in your hand onto a big screen thanks to the Galaxy S8 and S8+’s strong 10-nanometer processor. This powerful hardware drives high-quality video streaming, document editing, and so much more with ease. Simply dock your mobile device with the DeX Station that’s connected to a larger screen of your choice, pair any Bluetooth-enabled USB or RF-type keyboard and mouse, and you are ready to enjoy the power of Samsung DeX.

Samsung DeX Breaks Mobile Boundaries

It’s all about apps! Nearly all mobile applications available on the Galaxy S8 or S8+ are also compatible with Samsung DeX right out of the box. Further, thanks to expanding partnerships with third party developers, Samsung DeX’s ecosystem continues to grow organically, offering a wider range of experiences for users.

Furthermore, Samsung collaborated with key partners to create DeX-optimized apps that are easy to develop, resizable, and offer full desktop functionality by utilizing familiar keyboard shortcuts and mouse navigation.

Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile and Lightroom mobile are a few of the fully DeX-optimized apps available now. By offering users a wide range of fully-functional productivity-focused apps, in addition to those designed for gaming and multimedia, Samsung DeX provides a fully optimized mobile experience for both business users and consumers.

Engineered for Smarter Living

As we continue to live in a mobile-first age, business professionals, casual gamers, creative thinkers, and digital-savvy users now have access to a multipurpose service that can handle the everyday flow of information and content through one mobile device.

Although many users continue to own and use desktop PCs, it is no longer the focal point in navigating their daily lives, especially when on-the-go. Samsung DeX removes the barriers that once existed for mobile devices to create a seamless experience across your mobile and desktop.

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