RCN & Grande Expand Use of Netcracker Digital BSS with Active Mediation Deployment

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Netcracker Technology has announced that RCN & Grande Communications, U.S.-based telecommunications service providers, have expanded their BSS relationship with Netcracker and have gone live with Netcracker’s Active Mediation solution.

The expanded BSS capabilities will enhance RCN’s & Grande’s existing use of Netcracker’s Revenue Management solution.

RCN & Grande are leading, competitive cable providers focused largely on key markets across the U.S., including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and other areas of Texas. Both deliver high-speed internet, all-digital TV and telephony services to residential, small business and enterprise customers.

With Netcracker’s enhanced Active Mediation offering, RCN & Grande now have a pre-integrated BSS solution and a common platform for mediation and usage-based rating across all services from its acquired companies. As a result, RCN & Grande have greater visibility and more control over its services, enabling it to deliver top-rated customer experience.

“As we continue to grow and deliver a wider range of services across more and more markets, it is important that we enable consistent and consolidated billing management capabilities,” said Rob Roeder, Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer at RCN. “Netcracker’s Revenue Management solution has proven its ability to support our billing operations for years, which is why we continue to leverage the platform as we expand and grow.”

“The U.S. cable market is in a highly volatile state, as it experiences acquisitions and mergers amidst the demanding digital economy,” said Rohit Aggarwal, General Manager North America at Netcracker. “We are proud to work with forward-thinking operators like RCN, which understands the need for a strategic partner that can support its continued growth and success as it navigates through constant change.”