RADWIN Strengthens Capacity for Public Safety & Video Surveillance with the new 4.9GHz JET Beamforming PtMP Solution


RADWIN has recently updated capacity for its public safety and video surveillance solution. As a result, RADWIN 5000 JET beamforming PtMP and RADWIN 2000 D+ PtP solution now support the 4.9GHz Public Safety band.

RADWIN’s, smart beamforming PtMP JET Base Station in 4.9GHz Public Safety band, provides Municipalities and Public Safety agencies a much-needed boost in capacity, essential for video surveillance, leased line replacement and other bandwidth-demanding applications.

RADWIN 5000 JET delivers ultra-high capacity in 4.9GHz with up to 600Mbps per cell when using two 20MHz channels, and up to 3Gbps per cell in unlicensed frequencies. JET also enables deployment flexibility with multiband support (4.9GHz – 5.8GHz range) and is capable of providing outstanding uplink capacity (up to 90%) and SLA for video-centric applications.

Idan Bar Sade, VP Product Management: “RADWIN is proud to expand its industry-leading 5000 JET smart beamforming capabilities to the 4.9GHz band. This new offering will enable Public Safety Agencies, Government offices and Municipalities to benefit from high capacity, high quality voice, data and video transmission, essential for all public safety and video surveillance applications.”

RADWIN is a global provider of Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point sub-6 GHz broadband wireless solutions. RADWIN also offers solutions specifically geared for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) small cell backhaul.

Incorporating the most advanced technologies such as a Beam-forming antenna and an innovative Air Interface, RADWIN’s systems deliver optimal performance in the toughest conditions including high interference and obstructed line-of-sight.

Deployed in over 150 countries, RADWIN’s solutions power applications including backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as delivering broadband for trains and metros.

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