PLDT HOME strengthens position in fixed broadband with sustained subscriber growth


Telecoms and digital services provider PLDT, through its consumer group PLDT HOME, has strengthened its leadership in fixed broadband as its subscribers grew 14% year-on-year to almost 1.3 million in the first semester.

PLDT HOME has further pulled away from competition with its fixed broadband subscribers rising by 4% quarter-on-quarter as it boosted its broadband programs with successful activations and superior digital products and services.

PLDT is one of the very few telcos in the world which continues to grow its fixed line business despite challenges from over-the-top players and increasing shift to mobile devices.

“One of our significant successes is PLDT HOME’s continuous growth for five consecutive years now with its unmatched digital products, innovative services and compelling content,” PLDT HOME Operations Head Oscar Enrico Reyes Jr. said.

“Our most recent offering is the Smart Watch which helps parents keep track of their children. This cool gadget for kids will enable them to take photos, play music, and when paired with the Telpad or a smart phone, they can also receive notifications, calls, and text messages,” he said.

He added that: “We provide customers with the most number of home entertainment services running on broadband led by PLDT HOME DSL and PLDT HOME Fibr. These are the foundation for value-added services such as linear IPTV with Cignal TV, catch up TV with Fox, and video on demand as offered by iflix – all of these are available at home and on mobile devices.”

“We have also introduced Data Sharing which enables our customers to access the Smart HOME through their mobile devices. This is best experienced with the country’s most powerful broadband PLDT HOME Fibr with speeds of up to 1Gbps.”

The PLDT Group’s consolidated capital expenditures for the first half of 2016 amounted to P20 billion, up 44% from the same period last year. The higher capital expenditure level reflects the Group’s continuing program to roll out high-speed data infrastructure on its fixed-line network – in the form of more fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) facilities – and its mobile network – particularly through the expansion of its 4G/LTE mobile network.

“As we strengthen our data infrastructure, we also make it easier for our customers to adopt web-capable devices such as the Telpad, FamCam, and the TVolution Stick as they start to live the digital life,” Reyes pointed out.

The all-new Telpad is a tablet that serves as the hub of the digital services for the home. It can control home appliances thru WiFi and Infrared as well as the FamCam, a home monitoring security camera that transmits live footage to mobile devices. The TVolution Stick, launched in partnership with Intel and Microsoft, is a device that turns an ordinary TV into a personal computer.

“The TVo Stick, Telpad, FamCam, and Smart Watch are Smart HOME devices that are best experienced with PLDT HOME Fibr which can now reach 2.5 million households and is available in 3,000 areas nationwide,” Reyes added. “In the coming months, we will unbox more new services and solutions that will delight people and enable them to change their lives.”

Last year, PLDT established partnerships with international content providers like iflix, Fox International Channels, and Da Vinci Learning to provide customers with a unified experience that brings together both content and connectivity. Other integrated content and services offered by PLDT include Cignal on Telpad which allows subscribers to access select kid-friendly Cignal programs on Telpad, and Cignal on Broadband (Cignal over Fibr, and Cignal over DSL), the only IPTV service in the country.

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