Peter-Service showcases its innovative BSS Solutions at MWC Shanghai


Peter-Service recaps Mobile World Congress held in Shanghai from June 28 to July 1. GSMА’s Mobile World Congress in Shanghai is the biggest mobile industry gathering in Asia. The company has showcased its BSS innovations at the mega event.

This year, the event’s focus was on “The Human Element”, the factor that is driving the industry towards increasing practical use of digital technology so that it gets embedded into the day-to-day activities of ordinary people, corporations and governments in Asia and worldwide.

The event provided a comprehensive view of the latest developments in virtual reality and augmented reality technology, AI, machine learning, consumer IoT (wearables, fitness and health gadgets), smart home and smart city services.

The Internet of Things was one of the key topics that dominated the event. GSMA experts are very optimistic, predicting the number of connected devices to grow to 50 billion by 2020, compared with 7.3 billion in 2016.

Anton Kamyshin, Deployment Director at Peter-Service, commented, “At MWC, you can fully grasp the IoT market’s growth potential. The IoT is a top priority for our company, and we are willing to share our experience in developing M2M platforms for telecom operators that we have gained in Russia. On the first day of the event, we had a meeting with a company whose IoT solutions are used by some of the largest telcos in China and Asia, such as Сhina Mobile and China Telecom.”

Peter-Service’s classical BSS solutions also garnered much interest from MWC Shanghai 2017 attendees. Our MWC team had a meeting with the representatives of an Asian company developing VAS and core network solutions for large-sized network operators to discuss potential collaboration and opportunities for the delivery of Peter-Service’s billing solution to clients in Asia. During another meeting, Peter-Service MWC team discussed potential joint projects with an OSS solutions vendor from Turkey.

Sergey Tverdokhlebov, Sales Director at Peter-Service, said, “Seeing great potential for expanding our business in Southeast Asia and Middle East, we are looking to build strong partnerships with companies in the regions we are interested in. At the meeting with colleagues from Istanbul, we identified the areas where we can work together and discussed the opportunities our companies can create by implementing joint projects.”

Another major industry trend highlighted at MWC Shanghai 2017 is the global change in communications service providers’ business strategies and gradual transformation into digital service providers (CSP-to-DSP transformation).

Elena Koskur-Ogly, Senior Analyst at Peter-Service’s sales team, noted, “We see our clients gradually change their business models and, therefore, their IT infrastructure requirements in response to an accelerating trend towards digital transformation. It is obvious that BSS transformation is the shortest path to building a strong IT environment. Telecom companies in developing companies currently need convergent platforms with open interfaces and advanced partnership management capabilities that would allow them to achieve increased flexibility and focus on improving the quality of service and experience.”

Finally, the event showed that virtual network operators continue to be a major trend in the global telecom market. This sector is booming in China. There are 37 virtual network operators in the country with a total subscriber base of 43 million, accounting for 3% of the total number of subscribers. Using the congress as an opportunity to exchange experience with some of the largest players in the MVNO market in Asia, Peter-Service arranged and held a series of meetings with Chinese MVNOs.

More than 65 thousand attendees and 650 exhibitors from about 100 countries took part in MWC Shanghai 2017. Along with Peter-Service, Russia was represented by over 20 companies and Ministry of Communications and Mass Media officials.

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