Peoples Wireless Taps RADWIN’s JET PtMP to Serve Enterprise and Residents


Telephone Coop deploys RADWIN’s JET Point-to-MultiPoint to serve enterprises & residents living outside of the COOP’s fiber footprint

RADWIN (, the global wireless broadband provider, has announced that Peoples Wireless – a subsidiary of the Peoples Telephone Cooperative in Texas, U.S. – has deployed the RADWIN JET PRO 750 Mbps and JET AIR 250 Mbps Point-to-Multipoint Beamforming solutions and RADWIN 2000 D+ Point-to-Point in its network.

RADWIN’s portfolio delivers high-speed broadband to residential and enterprise customers (e.g. banks, school campuses, public water companies) that reside in areas not served by the company’s traditional DSL and fiber services. Using RADWIN’s gear, Peoples Wireless can offer a variety of service packages for residential and enterprise customers of up to 100 Mbps.

Keith Kindle, Director of Wireless Operations at Peoples Wireless: “Our goal is to serve residents living outside of the cooperative’s fiber footprint. We tested JET side-by-side with other wireless equipment and found RADWIN’s gear to be the most reliable, hands down! In our area we have to deal with severe weather such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, damaging winds and torrential rains. In some areas there is also heavy congestion in the 5GHz spectrum. But with JET PtMP and RADWIN 2000 PtP we consistently get excellent service, even when the equipment is deployed on the same tower with other 5GHz radios. Our field technicians love the simplicity of the installation and the fact that once RADWIN’s systems are installed, they rarely have to return on a trouble issue.”

Concluded Kindle: “We have found that a major advantage of RADWIN’s wireless broadband equipment over fiber are the costs. In areas where fiber is too expensive, RADWIN enables us to expand into new areas more cost effectively.”

Dennis Stipati, RADWIN General Manager for North America: “JET is rapidly emerging as the number #1 choice of Telephone Cooperatives whose target is to serve local communities, no matter how remote. Time and again COOPs turn to RADWIN as they are assured a dependable carrier-class product that delivers the highest capacity with utmost reliability.”

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