pCloudy – India’s Cloud Based Mobile App Test platform Eyes International Expansion


pCloudy, the flagship product company of SSTS (Smart Software Testing Solutions), is all set to expand its operations overseas in the US and Asia Pacific market including Philippines and Australia.

Having recently launched their data centres in US and Philippines, pCloudy find themselves in the unique position of being the first and only one to provide Automated Smart mobile app testing solutions in India as well as the entire APAC region.

pCloudy provides Automated corporate (local), private and public device cloud solutions for iOS and Android devices that gives them an edge over the manual testers present in India because Automation in mobile app testing is the only solution that is successful in providing rapid and agile solutions in the vast and ever-changing device ecosystem that demands top notch quality.

In terms of market mobility 80 percent of the total market demand is Functional Test, Automation Test and performance test (Cognizant) and Mobile app testing automation will push the revenues close to US$800 Million by the end of 2017 (ABI research). Right now, pCloudy is catering to an exponentially growing mobile app testing market in India, estimated to be around US$60 Million.

Poor Quality solutions would mean Poor quality Life. pCloudy’s philosophy is guided by Smart Testing and Validation which assumes a gigantic importance in realm of quality apps that determine not only the UX of the apps but also the image of the company. With the emergence of IoT and varied wearable applications, mobile testing capabilities are going to widened and far more complex, which begs the need for extra time for testers for other critical testing components and speed up delivery.

“India is becoming more and more receptive of automated testing solutions and cloud based testing platforms. More and more organizations are feeling pressure to make releases more frequently. Moreover, creating right test infrastructure for mobile Apps is a key concern for organizations. pCloudy is in a unique position for serve both the challenges.”, opines Avinash Tiwari, Director of pCloudy and Founder, SSTS.

pCloudy is the flagship product of Smart Software Testing Solutions. It is India’s first-of-its-kind, cloud-based, plug and play app testing platform catering to mobile businesses, ecommerce companies and large enterprises.

The intelligent platform, pCloudy, plays an important role in the mobility space with automated testing, saving up to 50% of time and cost. It also has the option where users can deploy testing the app on their own using the platform, before releasing the product into the market.