Keysight Announces New Products at its Aerospace & Defense Symposium 2015


Keysight Technologies has announced its annual Aerospace and Defense Symposium held in New Delhi hosted the biggest technical gathering of aerospace and defense engineers and scientists who work on cutting-edge strategic electronics in India. The company announced a set of new products at the Symposium.

The symposium theme “‘Focus where it counts” presented Keysight expertise in measurement science and test processes to the India leaders in aerospace and defense and offered greater insight into system readiness. The symposium addresses innovating advanced test systems and solutions that deliver mission critical results using accurate test and measurement tools.

The topics included military communications, electronic warfare and radar systems. Also discussed were emerging test and measurement theories, challenges and recent advances in technology. The open forums at the symposium featured discussions and demonstrations of latest Keysight products and solutions available for aerospace and defense complex system requirements challenges. There was an extensive product fair, showcasing the latest solutions for aerospace and defense applications.

Keynote speaker at the event was the Union Minister of State, Ministry of Defence – Rao Inderjit Singh. He highlighted the importance of developing home bred technologies in the aerospace and defense sector. He also laid emphasis on the central government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative encouraging symposium attendees to build indigenous and customized technologies.

“It gives us great pleasure to organize the ninth edition of Keysight’s Aerospace & Defense Symposium,” said Sudhir Tangri, country general manager, Keysight Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. “India’s aerospace and defense sectors are undergoing tremendous changes in the recent years with the government focusing on building comprehensive made in India defense systems and launching mission critical aerospace projects. Being a global leader in electronic test and measurement, we intend to play a vital role in assisting in the transformation India’s aerospace and defense sector.”

“To help Keysight customers continue to open new doors, we’re concentrating our effort and experience on what comes next in test and measurement. This conference is a testimony of our efforts. We at Keysight are aiming to bring expertise in measurement science in order to provide our Indian customers more time to focus on other issues.” added Tangri.

The sessions at the symposium were carefully designed to address the issues and emerging trends in the aerospace and defense test and measurement market. Commencing the keynote address on ”Test and Measurement Trends in Aerospace and Defence market”, the symposium topics also included New Innovations in Measurement Techniques for Spurious and Unknown Signals, Keysight Reference Solutions – Creating the Solution You Need, Simplifying TR module Test Solution and Measure with Confidence and Order with Ease.

There were also dedicated sessions focused on Radar and Electronic Warfare (EW) which consisted of topics such as understanding new Pulse-analysis techniques and designing and verifying advanced radar systems within complex environment scenarios. Within the military communications topic the symposium had sessions on new approaches in field maintenance and flexible test architectures to ensure future test capabilities for evolving tactical and public safety radios.

InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series Oscilloscopes

The new Keysight 3000T oscilloscope is the next-generation of the InfiniiVision X-Series. With an 8.5 inch capacitive touch display and zone touch triggering, you can trigger on any signal in just seconds—much faster than with any competing scope.

N9040B UXA Signal Analyzer

The UXA delivers industry-leading phase noise performance, 510 MHz analysis and real-time bandwidths. Combining this performance with a large 14.1 inch display and touch-driven interface, the UXA provides wider, deeper views of elusive wideband signals.

N5193A UXG Agile Signal Generator

The N5193A UXG agile signal generator represents a revolutionary new approach to signal generation, using direct digital synthesis (DDS) to provide unprecedented capabilities and benefits for aerospace/defense applications in electronic warfare (EW), radar and antenna test up to 40 GHz.

E5080 ENA Vector Network Analyzer

Keysight Technologies announced the E5080A ENA vector network analyzer (VNA), which offers the industry’s best combination of RF measurement performance and speed, enabling a tenfold improvement in test time. The new ENA uses the Keysight PNA- and PXI-Series software architecture, making it easier for engineers to take measurements across multiple Keysight VNAs. The ENA also offers a large color touchscreen display with fast access to basic measurements.

The E5080A sets the new standard in RF component testing for R&D and manufacturing environments. The E5080A offers comprehensive functionalities for measuring active and passive components such as amplifiers, mixers, antennas and cables, including balanced DUTs.

Compared to the popular E5071C ENA, the E5080A offers performance advantages including more than 10 dB wider dynamic range (typically 147 dB) and up to 10 times faster measurement speed in real-world test scenarios. These enhancements improve precision and throughput in the testing of RF components such as filters with deep rejection bands.

Keysight is the first VNA vendor to provide a software platform that spans benchtop and PXI-based VNAs. This universal platform uses the best attributes and capabilities of the ENA and PNA families and delivers familiar functionality across all Keysight VNAs. With the new touch-based GUI capabilities, including tabbed softkeys and drag-and-drop operations, the E5080A streamlines measurement flow and helps engineers get better results in less time.

M8195A 65 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The M8195A is a new arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) with the highest combination of speed, bandwidth and channel density. It allows engineers to generate digital, multilevel (e.g. PAM4, MIPI C-PHY) signal scenarios and test their electrical and optical links with complex modulated signals up to 32 GBaud and beyond. This makes the M8195A the most versatile AWG in the industry.

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