JMA Wireless Drives Cellular Connectivity for 100,000 Fans at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival


JMA Wireless, a global provider of wireless communications solutions, enabled robust cellular connectivity at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival, one of Europe’s largest annual events celebrating the arts.

Superior mobile communications for 100,000 fans were made possible thanks to JMA Wireless’ antennas with Fast Roll-Off (FRO) technology. With FRO technology, increased throughput is achieved without compromising coverage.

JMA Wireless’ XGU-FRO-230 antennas with FRO technology produce a horizontal beam that increases the Signal to Interference and Noise Ratio (SINR) by eliminating overlap between sectors. The increased SINR results in higher throughput, which is particularly critical at large events such as Roskilde. Furthermore, the horizontal beam produced by Fast Roll-Off technology reduces harmful interference between adjacent cells, making them especially useful in dense environments. The innovative dual band XGU-FRO-230 antenna supports LTE/CDMA/UMTS/GSM technologies. The antennas deployed at Roskilde enabled the LTE2600 band and robust mobile communications for cellular operator, 3 Denmark.

“JMA Wireless antennas with Fast Roll-Off technology made it possible to increase throughput by eliminating overlap between adjacent sectors,” stated Peter Beltoft, RF Engineer at 3 Denmark. “This was exactly what was needed to ensure mobile subscribers could share their experiences while enjoying the week-long event.”

Within three hours two engineers from system integration partner, SVR-Technology, installed and tuned the antennas. The installation and tuning were completed per the recommended angle and tilt provided by the iBwave simulation, which the JMA Wireless team in Italy developed. Due to their small footprint (61 centimeters wide by 61 centimeters long by 22 centimeters deep and weighing a little over 9 kilograms) the antennas were concealed easily by the Tuborg banners bordering the Orange Stage. Around the Orange Stage thousands of fans enjoy a concert and wireless connectivity.

“At large events thousands of fans want to share their experiences using their mobile devices, which results in terabytes of data being transmitted,” stated Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President of Product and Market Strategy at JMA Wireless. “The success we experienced at Roskilde, thanks to our antennas with FRO technology, is sure to be duplicated at other events around the globe.”

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