Jet Infosystems: Powering Better Customer Satisfaction for Telecoms


Moscow based Jet Infosystems is uniquely helping operators deliver greater level of satisfaction to their customers by enabling innovative propositions with the help of its Jet Toolbar solution.

Elena Fominskaya, Business Development Director, Jet Infosystems speaks with Zia Askari from about the way Jet Infosystems is bringing innovation in the telecom space.

Most recently Jet Infosystems has won a major tender to deliver a platform for targeted communications with subscribers for one of the leading mobile operators in Vietnam. What do you see as the benefits of your application in comparison to others?

Any Jet proposal always has three key points.

  1. The feature-list of our product is more affluent than the one offered by the competitors.
  2. Since we have a wide experience of software development for telecom, we are ready to customize our solution to any operator’s specific requirements.
  3. We prepare a business-case that ensures the economic efficiency for the solution implementation.

We have been working in the telecom space since the year 1996. So we understand very well how the operators get their revenues and what the costs are. Moreover, we have implemented many projects with the subscriber experience improvement which is a key element in elevation of operator business.

Tell us about your cooperation with a Vietnamese partner, OSP Corporation?

We found OSP to be an active partner. As an integrator in Vietnam, they understand well the specifics of the integrator’s business and the tasks involved, hence they are ready to promote and enrich our solutions. This is a good basis for joint business in the region.

Tell us more about Jet Toolbar?

Jet Toolbar is an in-browser notifications solution. It is a carrier-grade, software-only solution that is installed on operator’s network and run by operator.

The solution is equally efficient in any type of network, although application cases can be rather different. For example, it can be used for notifications and alerts, for advertising of operator’s own services and tariffs (including up-selling and cross-selling) and, of course, for 3rd party advertising. The solution can be integrated with PCEF, PCRF, billing, CRM, location servers and other systems that may be installed in operator’s network.

Jet Toolbar uses this information to make subscriber targeting really precise and advanced and, as a result, make messages truly relevant to subscribers. For example, “Turbo button”:  limited-time increase in speed for specific fee, shown to those subs who reach maximum utilization of internet channel.

How do you see the development of the functionality and the expansion of the application of your solution? Is there a feedback from the customer?

Jet Toolbar is being developed and evolved constantly.

We are happy with customers’ feedback every time and like their ideas. Our team is ready to evaluate any of these ideas for future implementation.

In your opinion, what potential profit increase brings acquisition and incorporation of your product into the list of services for a business?

Jet Toolbar is powerful, extremely flexible and fully customizable intelligent subscriber engagement solution; it ensures efficient interaction with subscribers, while maintaining superior content and context enrichment and allows the operator to provide personalized content, relevant ads based on subscriber’s behavior, preferences and interests. Deeply targeted, precise and advanced subscriber segmentation and traffic management leads to significant commercial effect through traffic monetization and ARPU growth, advanced 3rd party advertising revenues and increased subscriber loyalty.

CTR (click-through rate) of such ads can be approximately 9%, this is very high, compared to average CTR for standard online ads of about 0.5%.

Also operator can offer “limited-ad internet” tariffs that include blocking of all ads on all web sites but showing operator’s own ads (or 3rd party ads) on selected web sites, to selected users etc. These will be limited in numbers but highly targeted ads that will be relevant to subscribers.

Additionally, being integrated with ad exchange platforms operators can play the role of SSP and become full-fledged players in online advertising.

And what tangible benefits can telecommunication companies subscribers expect?

Operator subscribers that use Jet Toolbar will get relevant ads on their devices, timely notifications, they will be able to choose ad-free tariffs.

Can we say that international partnership programs are one of the priority areas for the development of your business? How are international partnerships being built and does Jet take part in international tenders independently without consolidation with resident-companies?

Yes, partnerships are the main way of our international business. We have partners in many countries, in MENA, APAC, LatAm, Europe. We think that the partnership is the most efficient business development method, which allows for both partners to get value and provide excellent services to the customers.

Which country is the next in line for implementation of this solution?

We have no “queue” per se for Jet Toolbar implementation. Our team realizes several projects at the same time.

Zia Askari
Zia Askari works as the Editor for and carries over 18 years of experience in technology writing, branding, communications and digital marketing. Over these years, Zia has worked with Cyber Media and Grey Head on the content side and RAD Data Communications, Huawei Telecommunications and Shyam Networks on the branding and marketing side.