Innovative Strategy: How Comio is Targeting India’s Tier 2, Tier 3 Cities


Comio may be a new entrant in the Indian smartphone market, but the brand has quickly created a super niche for itself – it is targeting tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India and offering great value proposition for its customers.

Sanjay Kumar Kalirona, CEO and Director, Comio India interacts with Zia Askari from about the company’s strategy to bring innovative products and how it is targeting the Indian market.

How is Comio performing in India and what is your go to market strategy?

We launched our operations in September 2017, we are quite close to our target what we had planned. So far we have already sold more than 4 lakh devices in India. So, I can proudly say that everyday we are adding 3000 new customers.

What are the cities that you are targeting in India?

Currently we have launched our operations in north and West India and our products are available in 900 cities. And going forward we are launching our operations in East and South India. By the end of next quarter, we will go PAN India.

We have a major focus towards tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We have our distribution network quite well spread across India but yes the big focus is towards the tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

                    Recently launched Comio C2 Lite Smartphone

You already have 6 products in the market. How many more products will you be launching?

At any point of time – our idea is to have a basket of 5 to 6 products available in the market – starting from INR 5000 to maximum INR 10000. We are very clear in terms of having non competing products in the market. So moving forward, we will continue to have this strategy.

What are some of the key trends that are happening in the mobile space today in India and how is Comio in-sync with those trends?

One big trend here is the consumer’s need for affordable devices. We are following this trend very closely and offering best value to our customers. So we have our products with big and powerful batter, then we also have a big focus towards camera.

We have added new and innovative features around camera. Display is another area where we have a big focus. So our next set of device will be focused around display. We call it edge-to-edge display and bigger screen.

These are some of the features that all the brands are talking about. So, how do you differentiate in the market?

We are offering a unique experience in terms of after sales service and in addition to this, we are offering great value adds with our devices – such as 100 days extra warranty, we also have upgrade offer – so even after using our phone for year, a customer can give back our product and we can give back 40 per cent of the device value. We are also giving screen breakage offer to our customers. We have a lot of these additional benefits attached to our device.

There are players like Xiaomi, Oppo that are also targeting the Indian market very aggressively, on similar price bracket that you are operating – how are you going to compete with established brands?

Our plan is very simple – to be very focused and to be very close to our customers, understand their specific requirements and fulfill it. So we have our priorities set for our customers, distributors as well as dealers.

Deep level distribution is another strength that we have. We are already available at more than 20000 counters and people are happy to sell our products.

How important is the Indian market for you. How is it different from the other market that you are present in?

In other markets we are present as ODM and not as a brand. We have launched Comio only in the Indian market. So, India is an extremely important market for us as a brand.


Zia Askari
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