Why India needs regional telecom regulation system for SAARC


As the SAARC nations gather in Nepal for its two day summit, Indian government needs to push for a telecom regulation system, one that can safeguard cross border spillage of mobile signals.

At the moment, there are many telecom towers, adjoining Indo-Nepal border as well as in close proximity of India-Pakistan border that allows for airwaves to easily be made available to enable cross border communication.


In light of the above, this SAARC summit can be the ideal platform to talk and propose on setting up of a regional telecoms regulatory system for the eight SAARC countries, which can facilitate the management of cross border spillage of mobile signals.

In the present scenario, there is no system which addresses the challenge of mobile signals spilling over the border. “This is a very big problem, especially for India as we share our borders with many SAARC countries and there is no control over microwaves. This can be monitored and controlled with the help of installation of telecom towers. countries need to respect international borders and stay away from installing towers close to the border. If there are no towers, there will be no mobile signal spillage to other countries. On top of this, SAARC nations also need to agree on usage of proper technologies in order to minimize such cross-border communications,” explained a senior telecom professional on conditions of anonymity.