ICT COMM 2017: How IoT can drive Smart Cities, e-Governance


As part of the ongoing Vietnam ICT COMM 2017 event, the specialized seminar with the theme “IoT – technology of life” took place at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center – SECC, 799 Nguyen. Van Linh, District 7.

The program is supported and sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Internet Association (VIA), in collaboration with VNG Joint Stock Company Adpex (Adepx Jsc) organized to promote the development cooperation of the field of Information Technology (IT), Internet in Vietnam.

At the seminar, many topics of interest in the industry were discussed actively under the chairmanship of Tran Van Tung – Deputy Minister of Science and Technology together with leading experts. The topic of “Ecosystems for the development of IoT services, e-Government and Smart Cities” is addressed by speaker Do Hoang Hai, Sales Manager, MobiFone IT Center.

Hai’s point of view on this topic, “Smart City is not a destination, it’s a road.”; This path needs to be a combination of the three elements of Government – Business and People can be successfully built successfully. Challenges as well as the basic roadmap for the development of the ecosystem for the development of the e-Government and Intelligent City were also addressed by speaker Do Hoang Hai in his arguments.

With the topic “Solutions in Online Public Services”, Nguyen Tue Linh, Deputy Director of Vietnam Information and Technology Center, gave a presentation on the foundation and operation of the public postal service. in Viet Nam; The strengths and strengths of internal industry in the construction process. The speaker also pointed out the organizational models of management and production organization model of the Vietnam post system as well as the accompanying advantages; From there, objective assessments of the capacity of the Vietnam Post Office (from receiving, sending to exploiting goods and information technology infrastructure). Since then, Linh has introduced a service planning model; Overall service organization planning and public service planning schema, and evaluation of initial results obtained from this model.

The third theme of the afternoon seminar was “IoT Core Technology of the Fourth Revolution” by Pham Van Thang, Deputy Director of Business Center, VNPT Technology. The main thesis of this topic revolves around the concept of ‘IOT platform is at the heart of the 4.0 technology revolution’, thus introducing the model of the Cyber ​​Physical System (IoT – Cloud). The speech also mentions IoT Platform’s architecture, technology and applications to demonstrate the speaker’s views on the IoT Platform and revolutionary 4.0 technology.

The final theme of the June 7 afternoon seminar was “Winning and Growing 4G and 5G for IoT” by Walcom. It is estimated that by 2020, the Internet connection will be worth $ 25 billion, including budgets for accessories, homes and cities. IoT connections require heterogeneous connectivity between cellular waves, wi-fi, Bluetooth, GNSS, and power lines that support a variety of IoT uses with varying requirements. From that background, Patrick gave a presentation on IoT’s foundation and the implications of 4G and 5G technology. According to Patrick, 5G technology will redefine the industry and set new benchmarks for current and future technology platforms.

At the end of the seminar on the afternoon of June 07, the speakers also had exchanges, shared enthusiastically with businesses and listeners attending. It is expected that more professional seminars will be held on June 8th as part of the “Vietnam ICT COMM 2017” event.

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