iBwave Unveils cloud-driven solution for CSPs to Design, Deploy Next Gen Wi-Fi Networks


iBwave, the in-building industry design reference, is excited to announce the release of iBwave Wi‑Fi®, a powerful cloud-connected solution that revolutionizes the way Wi‑Fi networks are designed and deployed.

iBwave Wi-Fi® is a complete Wi‑Fi network design production solution that integrates seamlessly with the iBwave Wi‑Fi® Mobile app, empowering Wi‑Fi design teams and their customers to easily collaborate regardless of where they are.

This new offering makes their life easier by giving them access to great features such as advanced 3D modeling, prediction calibration, a components database of all network equipment, and a free iBwave viewer for customers to easily view design files and run their own reports.

Andrew von Nagy, Wireless Networking Expert and Owner of Revolution Wi‑Fi, says “iBwave brings their considerable indoor wireless design expertise to the unlicensed market with the release of iBwave Wi‑Fi®. The entrance of iBwave into the Wi‑Fi survey and design market addresses the increasing convergence of licensed and unlicensed technologies for mobile carriers and the growing importance of HetNet and the necessity to design for both technologies in a single product suite.” He added, “For Wi‑Fi professionals, iBwave Wi‑Fi® brings unique RF design capabilities based on over 13 years of indoor wireless expertise that will improve WLAN design in ever more challenging and demanding environments.”

“iBwave Wi‑Fi® is truly a next gen tool that will change the Wi‑Fi design landscape for the better. We are happy to bring in a new wave of Wi‑Fi network design capabilities to the unlicensed field to help design, collaborate and develop better Wi‑Fi networks” said Scott Pereira, Director Global Product Partnerships & Innovations, iBwave.

With more than 13 years of experience behind it, iBwave Wi‑Fi® is seen as a welcome addition to the Wi‑Fi network planning and design arena.

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