Huawei Unveils Pizza OLT Solution to Drive FTTH Network Deployment

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Huawei has launched its Pizza Optical Line Terminal (OLT) solution, which is based on new one rack unit (U) box-shaped OLTs that feature compact size and low density.

This solution further enriches fiber to the home (FTTH) solutions and product portfolios, helping operators speed deployment of FTTH networks.

Driven by home networks, network “cloudization,” and new services such as 4K and virtual reality (VR), fiber access has become an important measure for countries around the world to build broadband networks. An increasing number of operators have begun to use fiber access. With fiber access nodes continuously being moved downwards, OLTs are deployed closer to users. As deployment scenarios are varied and complex, operators urgently require smaller and lower-density OLTs to meet a range of requirements.

To help meet these needs, Huawei’s Pizza OLT MA5801 is designed at only one U in height, supporting dual AC or DC power supplies and a wide range of operating temperature, ensuring high reliability. It also offers two configurations. In the GPON solution, the Pizza OLT supports a maximum of eight ports and covers more than 500 users in typical use scenarios. In the PON combo solution, the Pizza OLT supports smooth evolution from GPON to XG-PON. It can be upgraded to gigabit ultra-broadband (UBB) access without the need to change components.

Huawei also provides multiple FTTH solutions based on the new Pizza OLTs. These OLTs can be flexibly applied in the following scenarios to meet requirements for economical and efficient network construction:

In scenarios of fast network construction through fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), mobile operators can fully use existing backhaul network resources and cabinet space when building FTTH networks. Specifically, they can deploy Huawei‘s Pizza OLTs in their mobile cabinets and lay short-distance drop fibers to cover surrounding households. Ultimately, Huawei’s Pizza OLTs enable operators to achieve fast deployment and cut time-to-market.

In enterprises’ all-optical campus scenarios, operators can uniformly build, operate, and maintain passive optical LAN (POL) networks using Huawei’s Pizza OLTs. Operators can also lease these networks to campuses or enterprises, deploy all-optical access services in enterprise campuses, and seize opportunities in blue ocean markets in business-to-business (B2B) services for long-term growth.

In common coverage scenarios for national broadband, operators can rapidly roll out long-distance FTTH network coverage in sparsely-populated rural areas deploying Huawei’s Pizza OLTs, Class C++ GPON optical modules with high power budgets, and a one-stop outdoor site solution. In geographically complex areas, such as islands and mountainous areas facing costly and time-consuming deployment of upstream fibers, operators can also use the microwave backhaul solution to achieve reliable FTTH network access at long distances. In this way, operators can reduce deployment time by 70% and strike a balance between investment expenditures and network coverage.

As broadband networks are the foundation for a smart society, Huawei, as a world-leading UBB network solution provider, is committed to providing innovative future-oriented solutions for operators over the long term. To date, Huawei has provided UBB access services for 500 million home users worldwide. In the future, Huawei will continue to work with global operators and industry partners to drive sustainable development of the UBB industry and build a better-connected world.

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