How Tata Teleservices is Driving DC Innovations for Seamless Distribution AB in Kolkata


Tata Teleservices offers  an innovative and comprehensive suite of solutions in the enterprise space in Kolkata and caters to every communication need of the customer and their ecosystems. Here is a successful deployment for the mobile payments company, Seamless Distribution AB.

Sweden based Seamless Distribution AB is engaged in mobile payments – provides prepaid systems and mobile payment services for mobile operators, distributors, retailers and consumers. In addition, the company operates worldwide through a number of subsidiaries, such as The Mollet AB, Seamless Private Ltd, SIA Lettel, Seamless Poland Spzoo and SEQR Ltd.

The Company needed to host an IT infrastructure with a reliable and secure data centre with high uptime track record in Kolkata. The data center has to be directly integrated with network backbone and needed a global tier -1 network provider with best possible diverse path to Europe and North America.

Solution by Tata Teleservices

Tata Teleservices offered Seamless Distribution AB a plan colocation service in Kolkata IDC which is integrated with network backbone. The IDC Colo Service provides best network latency to Europe and North America directly from Kolkata. It has two full rack with 12KVA rated power with 2KVA additional power and 100Mbps ILL with dual link.


The Tata Teleservices IDC Colo Service offers flexibility to scale in Colo space and network capacity at a reduced cost. It fulfils a key ask by the company and provides a global tier-1 network connectivity up to server rack. The benefits include a single provider for network service and IDC service, network integrated data centre with impressive uptime track record and the lowest latency and diverse fibre path.

Speaking about this development, Souma Dey, Head-India Operation, says, “We are using TTSL as a backbone for our entire development lifecycle as well as to host all of our agile tools. After collocating our computing resources in TTL Infrastructure, earlier our computing resources were located farther from our development network, we experiencing better latency while accessing our computing resources, resulting in quick turnaround time. Ever since TTSL has come onboard, the company has ensured redundancy and high availability by distributing our computing resources between active and failover link. After moving to TTSL, we are now experiencing faster delivery, better response and support to all issues and problems that we faced along the way.”

Talking about this implementation, Avinash Gabriel – Vice-President, B2B, Enterprise South, Tata Teleservices explains, “We understand that scalability and reliable network capacity in IT infrastructure is critical for today’s mobile payment industry, in which Seamless Distribution operates. The co-location service that we have offered from our Kolkata IDC has enabled Seamless to host their mission critical data with the promise of impressive uptime and best network latency. Tata Teleservices is delighted to have a positive feedback from Seamless Distribution AB. It’s an encouragement to motivate us to continuously improve our service to meet the increasingly diversified customer needs in the future.”

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