How Russia is Scripting Success in Software Exports: Expo Comm Russia


The international conference of advanced information and communication technologies and solutions – EXPO COMM Russia 2016 – created an ideal platform for a number of global ICT majors such as Cisco, Microsoft, Infinera, Level3 Communications etc to showcase their latest innovations. The event also showcased on how Russia is scripting international success in the field of software exports.

According to the non-commercial partnership of software manufacturers Russia, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus “Russoft”, at the moment the number of software developers in Russia has 1,50,000 people, and the total turnover of the Russian market of software development in 2015 amounted to $ 12.6 billion., which is 5% higher than a year earlier.


The volume of software sales abroad amounted to $ 7 billion, which is 18% higher than a year earlier. According to President of “Russoft” Valentin Makarov, the overall market showed growth primarily through software exports abroad.

Export of software and IT services in Russia is growing steadily: in 2013 software sales abroad grew by 17%, and in 2014 – by 15%. Then had an impact of the events in Ukraine, said Makarov. In 2015, an increase of 16%, and perhaps this estimate will be adjusted to 18% after the publication of a number of documents required for the analysis, said Makarov.

According to the survey of “Russoft”, export growth showed 39% of companies in the sector, and a decrease – 13%. Overall revenue growth was 6% in dollar terms.

Makarov said that the interest of foreign and Russian investors to export-oriented service companies, has become more noticeable. According to him, now there is a “window” in a few years, which may allow firms to grow and enter the IPO.

United States remains the main market for the export of software from Russia, despite the political difficulties. “This is the most expensive and most technologically advanced market for software companies,” – said Makarov. In addition, despite the sanctions, growing interest of Russian companies to the EU market. Southeast Asia and Arab countries can also become a growth point for Russian companies.

At the end of this year, “Russoft” expects to maintain the rate of growth of exports of Russian software to foreign markets. According to the forecast, the increase in exports may reach 15-16%, in the amount of money – to $ 8.1-8.3 billion – according to Makarov, the low exchange rate will remain the main driver of market growth.

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