How China Mobile is Driving Innovation with ‘Internet of Everything’


At a time when the global adoption for Internet of Things or IoT driven communications systems is gaining ground, China Mobile is set to put more emphasis on IoT and move another notch up towards achieving greater customer satisfaction and driving next level of innovation.

While speaking on the topic of “Embrace the Internet of Everything” at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Shang Bing, Chairman, China Mobile, said that an accelerated 4G development in China is creating huge transformation in the lives of customers and for operators it is becoming very important to enable more data traffic and roll out digital services.

“New momentum for economic growth is brining new opportunities for the market today. China’s economy has entered a critical phase with shifted gear, improved structure and new driving force. In an era of ‘Internet’ – new types of business create new value for growth. And this is where Internet of Everything can create new path of growth driven by connectivity.”

This is an era of ‘Internet of Everything’ which is creating new path of growth driven by connectivity.

“Today we see new type of competition which is bringing new challenges for the ecosystem. Telecom operators are seeing more pressure and risk from business substitution, network bypass and the ecosystem shift,” he explained.


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