Fossil Q Marshal Review: Elegant Luxury on Your Wrist


The latest smartwatch from Fossil – the Fossil Q Marshal is an elegant piece of technological advancement that will always keep you well informed and comes with a lot of multitasking capabilities that allows syncing with your smartphone.

Great Looks

The Fossil Q Marshal is a superbly elegant looking smartwatch and is absolutely meant for those who always look for getting that technological edgy gadget to boost their lifestyles.


This smartwatch comes with the added performance boost of the Snapdragon 2100 processor it is making a strong play in the Android Wear segment.

While reviewing this incredible gadget, we quickly realized that this is a multi-tasting device – that can help you in navigation, checking various notifications that can be a reflection of your smartphone universe. The Q Marshal is just simply an all-round performer strapped on your wrist.


■Complete circular display, makes it quite special
■Simple yet effective design
■Fast performance

■Lack of heart rate monitor



Android Wear Makes The Fossil Smartwatch Experience, even more exciting with interesting skins

The Fossil Q Marshal has a unique stylish design of its own and surely makes it one of the best looking wearables in the market today.

Prices start at INR 21,995 and increase if you fancy spending a little extra on a leather or stainless steel strap.



The design elements of this smartwatch are quite carefully put in order to make it look quite traditional and yet when you experience this masterpiece – this delivers a great mix of next generation technology with traditional design. The bezel round the circular display of the Q Marshal looks like it will rotate – but it doesn’t. You can’t spin the crown button either, but it looks quite elegant.

This smartwatch looks and feels quite solid, and is definitely not having that plasticky look which can be seen in a number of smartwatches available in the market today. This comes with its generous depth similar to that of normal watches.


When strapped on your wrist, it is surely one of the few smartwatches which could be mistaken for a traditional watch – just until the backlit display glows and its smartness becomes visible.

Screen and Sensors

While reviewing this product, we noticed that this smartwatch comes with a very bright and clear screen that makes looking at text and notifications quite an easy task.


Fossil Q marshal doesn’t have heart rate monitor, but the smartwatch is water resistant so you don’t need to take it off when you get in a pool or shower.

The Android Wear ecosystem makes it a great experience to change the smartwatch skin as per your choice. A user can download additional skins as per the requirement and taste.

Q Marshal straps are incredibly easy to wear and give it a very stylish look and feel. As a brand that looks after the choice selection of its users – Fossil offers a wide selection of bands in a variety of colors and styles to go with user preferences.

Charging the Q Marshal is easy, with a magnetic charging cable which clings onto the rear of the watch.

Final Verdict

With its elegant looks and super performance – this is a genuine competitor to the Apple Watch and the recently announced Samsung Gear S3.

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