Ericsson Enables Netherlands Trans Link Systems to provide innovative fare collection services


Ericsson has partnered with Trans Link Systems, the connecting force behind the OV chip card used for public transport fare collection in the Netherlands, to simplify commuting. Ericsson will provide software, hardware and managed operations.

Translink manages the total ecosystem associated with smart chip cards used for passenger payment for travel on the metro, trams, buses and trains across the Netherlands.

Translink’s solution is unique in that 10 local and national transport operators are covered by a single e-ticketing system that handles more than 2.3 billion transactions per year. The system enables passengers to pay for travel on metros, trams, buses and trains with smart chip cards.

The solution covers everything from card ordering to distribution, payments and settlement of all travel income to the respective public transport operators.

As part of the partnership, Ericsson has provided a new ordering and billing system. This will enable Translink to introduce innovative new services such as account-based travel and mobile ticketing.

Ericsson’s software solutions are complemented by managed services for Translink’s business processes and billing applications. A dedicated team will monitor Translink’s order care and billing applications 24/7, detecting and resolving any issues that arise. The more complex issues will be passed on to Ericsson’s technology experts for swift resolution.

Charlotta Sund, Head of Customer Group Industry & Society, says: “The ordering and billing solution that Ericsson is providing will bring speed and flexibility to Translink operations. This deal also demonstrates Ericsson’s success in reaching beyond our traditional telecom business with our products and services.”

Arco Groothedde, CEO of Trans Link Systems, says: “The ordering and billing solution that Ericsson is providing will bring stability and continuous improvement to our service offerings with a better time to market. Furthermore, the solution provided will enable cost-effective operations for Translink.”

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