Digital Enablement: Telia connects the world to global skiing events


Telia Company continues its quest to digitalize society as it brings free wifi to skiers, event organizers, media, visitors and everyone else currently around in Östersund, Sweden, for the ongoing Biathlon World Cup premiere.

Furthermore, the free wifi will be available until after the Biathlon World Championship in 2019.

Right now, skiers slash shooters are battling it out in the premiere event of the Biathlon World Cup in Östersund, Sweden. And in February and March of 2019, the Biathlon World Championship also takes place in the mid-Sweden town. To connect the events to the rest of the world, Telia provides free Wifi for everyone.

Telia‘s Wifi connection and other services are already available to the approximately 20,000 visitors currently following the action in Östersund, which began yesterday and finishes on December 3. Telia offers free Wifi at the Östersund ski arena and internet connections för organizers and media broadcasters.

The free Wifi will be available until after the championship in 2019.

“The digital experience is hugely important today, and at major sporting events it is essential. It is fantasctic to be the main supplier to these competitions and to give visitors the opportubity to share the events with family and friends. We are passionate about digitalizing Sweden, and here we also get the chance to do it on a regional level,” says Telia Sweden CEO Héléne Barnekow.

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