Combitech transfers of parts of 2G and 3G development from Ericsson


Combitech and Ericsson completed the agreement of transferring parts of 2G and 3G development to Combitech.

As part of this agreement, 311 employees from Ericsson are now transferred to Combitech as per October 1, 2016.

As announced on August 17, 2016, Ericsson transfer parts of 2G and 3G development to Combitech in Linköping and Gothenburg, Sweden.

As per October 1, the agreement is completed and 311 employees from Ericsson will start working for Combitech.

Ericsson remains committed to its 2G and 3G portfolio but will consolidate development of these technologies to fewer Ericsson sites, in line with its broader R&D strategy.

Combitech is a Nordic technical consultancy company combining technology, environment and security. The company, which is an independent company within the defence and security group Saab AB, has around 1470 employees in 20 locations across Sweden, as well as offices in Norway and Finland.

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