Cognitive WiFi: Mojo Networks Expands Cloud-Managed Networking Solution


Mojo Networks, a pioneer in Cognitive WiFi™, has unveiled its new S-3000 Series Managed Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Switches, offered in both 8-port and 24-port models.

The Mojo S-3000 Series is a family of smart switches designed to complement cloud-based WLAN deployment, regardless of network topology or size. The S-3008P and S-3024P switches offer the power of a feature-rich web-intelligent layer 2 switch solution that can be managed with Mojo’s award-winning cloud management platform.

“Network switches are a key element in any enterprise IT infrastructure, and yet the industry is polarized between costly proprietary switches and inadequate commodity offerings,” said Rick Wilmer, CEO of Mojo Networks. “With the addition to our portfolio of these exceptional managed PoE switches, we now offer our customers a complete, cloud-managed networking solution.”

The S-3000 series is designed to maximize performance and security for businesses that want a full-featured enterprise-class solution that will easily fit into their network budgets. Key features include PoE support of up to 30 watts to attached Mojo access points and other devices, enhanced QoS that ensures optimal performance for real-time applications such as video and VoIP, VLAN-segmented broadcast domains that reduce broadcast traffic and increase LAN security and performance, and multi-faceted security features that restrict access to sensitive resources.

Additionally, the S-3000 series supports Green-Ethernet energy features that can recognize the power needs of any access point or device they are connected to and automatically decrease power usage when network traffic is low.

“Mojo’s solutions give network administrators the ability to easily replace their antiquated WLAN hardware, in order to leverage the intelligence, performance, and massive scalability benefits of the cloud,” said Brian White, VP of Products at Mojo. “Our S-3000 Series continues this goal, and empowers administrators to have further network flexibility for their enterprise needs.”

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