Cable & Wireless Seychelles selects TEOCO to improve network planning


Cable & Wireless Seychelles, the largest telecommunications operator in Seychelles, has chosen TEOCO’s ASSET network planning tool to improve the performance of its 2G, 3G and LTE-A mobile networks.

TEOCO ASSET solution is a radio network planning software tool used by mobile operators to boost the capacity and coverage of their mobile networks, and also improve cell positioning and parameter planning.

Cable & Wireless Seychelles needed a network planning solution with the capability to integrate with the 3G dual carrier technology it uses for its High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network and support LTE-A to deliver optimal performance for their network.

The telecom operator will use ASSET to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of planned improvements to all of its networks, and to also improve the efficiency of its business processes. As part of the agreement, TEOCO will provide training to C&W’s staff on how to use ASSET.

“We already know TEOCO and its solutions from its impressive work with other major operator groups to improve the planning and performance of their mobile networks,” said Sebastien Bec, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Cable & Wireless Seychelles. “Using the ASSET tool, we can deliver a reliable and first-rate quality of mobile service to our subscribers and also the many international visitors who visit our country, in the most cost-effective way possible.”

“Planning and maintaining a mobile network that properly covers the spread-out geography of the Seychelles – over 115 islands – and its widely dispersed population, as well as supporting the densely populated areas, is a unique challenge that requires innovative thinking and a flexible and intelligent approach to network planning,” said David Burks, Vice President, Africa at TEOCO. “We’re pleased to work with Cable & Wireless to expand and improve the performance of its network in the Seychelles while keeping capex and opex spend to a minimum.”

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