Big Achievement: Rogers contributed $14 billion to the Canadian economy in 2018


Rogers Communications has directly contributed $14 billion in economic value to the Canadian economy in the year 2018.

These investments strengthened the country’s national infrastructure, delivered meaningful Canadian content, helped local communities prosper, and employed 26,000 Canadians adding 1,000 additional team members to support customers.

“Investment in our country’s infrastructure is essential to our nation’s competitive advantage on the world stage,” said Joe Natale, President and Chief Executive Officer. “As a Canadian-owned company, we are proud to invest meaningfully to make our country stronger and more successful.”

Rogers devoted billions to bring Canadians world-class networks and communications services in 2018. The company launched Ignite TV, a world-class IPTV service and delivered one Gigabit Internet speeds to entire residential customer base and set a path to deliver ten Gigabits per second in the years ahead.

Rogers also upgraded its 4G network to make it 5G ready and prepare it for the 5G investment to come. 5G will be the most transformative technology since wireless services were introduced in 1985. To bring 5G technology to Canadians, Rogers announced a strategic partnership with Ericsson, the North American 5G partner of choice. It also announced a strategic agreement with UBC to build and test a real-world 5G hub in downtown Vancouver.

“Digital infrastructure is the engine of Canada’s innovation agenda,” added Natale. “It helps consumers, businesses and governments save time, money and lives. It contributes to the very fabric of our country’s economic and social well-being. For 60 years we have invested to bring Canadians the very best in technology and we will continue to invest for the next 60.”

Building on deep Canadian roots, Rogers invested nearly $700 million to support Canadian content through local news, live sports, multilingual programming, television and film. In 2018, Rogers TV celebrated its 50th anniversary, delivering nearly one million hours of community programming.

Rogers contributed $60 million to help communities thrive and to spark the next generation of leaders. In 2018, Rogers connected three million Canadians to essential 911 services during critical times of need.

Rogers Communications By the numbers:
1.$14 billion contributed to our economy
2.$2.8 billion invested in capital expenditures
3.$2.0 billion paid in salary and benefits to employees
4.$1.1 billion paid in taxes and government fees
5.$988 million returned to shareholders in the form of dividends
6.$679 million invested in Canadian content and programming
7.$160 million invested in our pension plans
8.$60 million contributed to local communities
9.$43 million invested in developing our employees
10.26,000 Canadians employed with high-technology positions

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