Astellia unveils virtualised Nova RAN 3.0 solution


Astellia, a provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, has announced that its Nova RAN is now available as a fully virtualized RAN optimization solution, supporting multi-technology and multi-vendor networks.

The customer-centric solution embeds best-in-class massive geolocation, reducing the need for drive tests by 90%. Radio engineers can obtain multi-point geolocated positioning every second for every subscriber and better understand issues they experienced. This geolocated information can be injected in operators’ big data lake to enrich customer experience analysis and can be leveraged by marketing for geo-fencing, geo-marketing etc. to create new revenue streams.

Its Advanced Predictive Algorithms distinguish indoor/outdoor, static/mobility calls (high speed train, motorways) and coverage & traffic hotspots. This information can be used to improve network planning by recommending additional small cells, proposing mobility scenarios monitoring, etc.

Astellia’s Nova solution analyzes 100% of real subscriber traffic and offers native end-to-end troubleshooting from radio to core network by exploiting RRC call traces and probe data. The solution proposes LTE IMSI Enrichment and individual IMSI geolocation for advanced troubleshooting.

This future-proof optimization solution enables a 60% OPEX reduction through the automation of frequent and time-consuming tasks such as detecting overshooting cells, PSC/PCI clashes and incorrect settings of neighbour lists. The proprietary algorithms enable self-configuration of newly deployed sites or technological features to minimize human intervention and reduce operational costs.

“Astellia’s value proposition is anchored around helping operators gain operational efficiency and drive high-quality customer experience. The virtualised Nova RAN solution offers the insights to positively impact the user experience and operators’ bottom line.” confirms Roberto Garcia, R&D Director at Astellia.

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