ADVA Launches ALM to Transform Fiber Monitoring for Operators


ADVA Optical Networking has unveiled a new advanced link monitoring solution that will dramatically alter how operators monitor their fiber networks.

Christened – the ADVA ALM, the new technology is the smallest and most cost-efficient fiber assurance product available on the market.

Its sole purpose is to pro-actively monitor fiber plants and help operators to resolve any issues before they impact services. With the ADVA ALM, operators are able to pinpoint faults and eliminate any wasted repair efforts. The technology has already been deployed by Verizon Partner Solutions in its Optical Wave Service – Optical Extension service.

Christoph Glingener

“We’re continuously listening to our customers, understanding their pain points and developing technology that solves them. This is the whole reason behind our ALM,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA Optical Networking. “It was designed to address a specific need – real-time monitoring of fiber networks at a size and cost that was realistic for wide-spread deployment. This is something that no one else in the industry has achieved. The impact on operators’ operating revenues will be enormous. Just imagine how much time and effort can be saved by accurately locating faults. For the first time, operators will be able to fully maximize their fiber infrastructure.”

The ADVA ALM was specifically engineered to be a simple plug-and-play fiber assurance device. It provides continuous in-service monitoring, enabling operators to know immediately if and where issues arise.

This real-time data is key to supervising and assuring dark fiber services, especially when selling higher value service level agreements. Another key feature of the ADVA ALM’s engineering is its passive demarcation.

It can be configured to passively monitor access services. By eliminating active demarcation, operators can further reduce operating costs and deploy the ADVA ALM in even the most extreme environmental conditions.

“Our ALM is a small device that has the potential to make a huge impact. We’ve worked closely with operators to develop a technology that is at once necessary, compelling and unique,” commented Stephan Rettenberger, VP, marketing and investor relations. “What sets our ALM apart is its size and its cost. For the first time in our industry, effective real-time monitoring of access and metro networks is now affordable to every operator. Until now, such technology was either too costly, too large or too impractical. With our ALM, operators can have full knowledge of their fiber network. Even the slightest change is noticed. Nothing escapes its attention.”

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