Accedian Assures Service for Brazil’s Largest Telecom Provider at Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games


Accedian has partnered with a Tier-1 Telecoms provider in Brazil to offer and verify all fibre links during the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This includes event-specific ubiquitous, real-time network performance visibility to the Brazilian broadcaster, including service activation and assurance to all hosted venues, media centres, and tourist and event locations with the highest levels of traffic.

Accedian’s virtualized solution monitored service performance during the Olympics and will continue to do so during the Paralympics. Using proactive fault identification and analytics, the Accedian solution enables the network to adjust during peaks of usage and traffic pattern changes.

In addition, Accedian’s professional services division has maintained and optimised user quality of experience for both the Olympics and the Paralympics in a specialised ‘war room’ at the telecoms providers’ headquarters, working alongside operations staff to ensure 24/7 uptime and performance throughout the events.

Accedian has provided comprehensive support to the telecoms provider:
•Transport network performance: All links supporting services (data, internet, voice, video, mobile) between Olympic sites, as well as the content delivery network (CDN) carrying live / broadcast video to international television networks. Accedian monitored packet loss, latency, and jitter, as well as availability and reliability.
•Video quality monitoring: Assurance of seamless 4K and high definition (HD) video delivery—with expected picture and sound quality—from each venue to a central aggregation point, and from there to all international hand-offs (or interconnects) to broadcasters’ CDNs/satellite links.
•Voice quality monitoring: VoIP measurement and mean opinion score (MOS) testing for all mobile and landline voice calls, plus voice connections between venues, media centres, and into all logistics offices.

“The eyes of the world have been on Rio and everyone was eager to watch their athletes perform,” said Patrick Ostiguy, Founder and President of Accedian. “Our customer knew its network had to provide a seamless, reliable, and high-quality content delivery experience, and to ensure a dependable quality of service for its users. The team at Accedian has worked side by side with the telecoms providers’ team at the network operations centre to ensure a consistent and robust content and delivery experience. Together, we worked hard behind the scenes to provide continual uptime and support, ensuring everyone watching the Games received an exceptional viewing experience, on whichever device or platform they watched from.”

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